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'Synthetic Minds', formerly known as the f(x)=e^x, serves as a mirror to the multifaceted, synthetic elements that are beginning to weave into the fabric of our society. Read the archive here.

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Synthetic Minds | How AI Can Help Achieve the SDGs

This week’s Synthetic Minds covers an invitation to attend my next keynote and delves into AI's potential to attend meetings for you, Nokia's revolutionary 3D audio technology, and the urgent need for AI safety regulations. Don't miss this deep dive into the future of communication and AI ethics.

Synthetic Minds | Speculative Futures - AI Taking Over

This week’s Synthetic Minds covers episode 5 of my podcast, where I interviewed Ruthanna Emrys. I also cover Google's significant privacy mishap, AI CEOs taking over the top job, the rise of bioprocessors and the luxury company LVMH diving into generative AI. Enjoy!

Synthetic Minds | AI Futures: Ethics, Safety, Innovation

This week’s Synthetic Minds covers episode 4 of my podcast, discussing how stories can envision the future, as well as groundbreaking AI developments and pressing ethical questions.

Synthetic Minds | Navigating Future Realms and BigTech's Privacy Nightmares

This week's Synthetic Minds covers an interview with Peter Watts on navigating future realms as well as BigTech's privacy nightmare, MAS and a data center in a shoebox.

Synthetic Minds | The Human Element in the Age of AI

This week’s Synthetic Minds covers an interview with Altered Carbon author Richard Morgan, a plethora of new AI assistants, AI diplomacy and AI's real impact on workplace dynamics.

Synthetic Minds | From Science Fiction to Science Reality

This week’s Synthetic Minds podcast features a riveting dialogue with Karl Schroeder about science fiction's role in understanding and navigating future technologies. I also discuss AI's impact on various sectors, revolutionary battery technology, and the emergence of AI-powered scams.

Synthetic Minds | Unlock the Future: AI Secrets & Tesla's Game-Changing Move!

This week’s Synthetic Minds covers the rise of superintelligence, the race to revolutionize brain-computer interfaces, the threat of deepfakes in education, and Tesla’s groundbreaking Robotaxi service. Join us as we explore how these technologies are reshaping our world.

Synthetic Minds | AI is Taking Over, from Education to CRISPR to Predicting Your Next Move

This week's Synthetic Minds covers the transformative potential of AI tutors in reshaping education as well as other AI advancements, including MIT's model for predicting human and AI actions, and AI's role in revolutionizing CRISPR.

Synthetic Minds | 2035 Vision and an Eerie Humanoid

This week’s Synthetic Minds covers ten tech predictions for 2035, from living movies to hyper-hyper personalisation. In addition, I cover an eerie new humanoid, desert data centres, VR for kids and more!

Synthetic Minds | From the Cloud to the Edge and a New Podcast

This week’s Synthetic Minds covers the transformative shift from cloud computing to Edge AI, as well as my new podcast, Llama3, MBAs teaching AI, China's AI governance and more!

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