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'Synthetic Minds', formerly known as the f(x)=e^x, serves as a mirror to the multifaceted, synthetic elements that are beginning to weave into the fabric of our society. Read the archive here.

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Synthetic Minds: the AI-driven, disruptive future of everything

This week's Synthetic Minds newsletter covers groundbreaking developments: Generative AI transforming business operations, my Digital Speaker app nearing launch, China's AI-driven vertical farming, IBM's quantum computing advancements, and a glimpse into 2053's futuristic technology. Stay tuned!

Synthetic Minds: the impact of AI on office work

This week's Synthetic Minds examines the impact of AI on office employees, ethical concerns with AI killer bots, and the role of AI in software development. It also discusses excessive food wastage and the latest trends in digital news, offering crucial insights for staying ahead in tech.

Synthetic Minds: From biocomputing to screenless AI

This week's Synthetic Minds covers the groundbreaking intersection of DNA and tech in biological computing, posing new ethical questions. Discover AI's personal touch with GPTs, Humane's AI Pin, Meta's privacy cost, TikTok's news drama, and the ruliad's cosmic role according to Wolfram's TED talk

Synthetic Minds: protecting your privacy in the age of AI

This week's Synthetic Minds covers the ground-breaking nature of Homomorphic Encryption, quantum strides in computing, and the eerie emergence of AI-generated illicit imagery. In addition, it covers the rise of holograms and the microscopic marvel of CRISPR.

Synthetic Minds: Edge AI, Llama unleashed and humans switching off when robots switch on

This week's Synthetic Minds covers Edge AI's promise of real-time, privacy-centric data processing, the enigmatic 'Llama' venture by Meta, and the nuanced 'social loafing' in human-robot collaborations, and more.

Synthetic Minds: grimoires, the arrival of AGI and fluid content

This week's Synthetic Minds covers the magical intersection of prompt engineering and grimoires, as well as the silent arrival of AGI, a post-screen era, the robot revolution, misinformation flooding social media and fluid content.

Synthetic Minds: the future of mobility and misinformation

This week's Synthetic Minds delves into the future of mobility and touches on Elon's AI mission, AI in authoritarian regimes, Google's search alteration, Meta's AI sticker scandal, and the looming AI and biotech wave as discussed in Mustafa Suleyman's 'The Coming Wave'.

Synthetic Minds: Digital actors and the death of crazy monkey pictures

This week's Synthetic Minds newsletter covers digital actors taking over, the dramatic fall of NFT prices, AI poetry, AI art theft, Stephen Fry at its best and other synthetic snippets.

The f(x)=e^x --> Synthetic Minds 🧠💻

This week's Synthetic Minds newsletter covers the transformative world of Brain-Computer Interfaces, the artistry of AI, and the cutting-edge trends in user interfaces. We delve into the ethical considerations surrounding these technologies while keeping an eye on the digital horizon.

The f(x)=e^x | how to escape the AI dystopia

This week's f(x)=e^x delves into the urgency for digital awareness as we move into an age dominated by AI and the metaverse. It also covers the global AI regulation void, the future of human-AI collaboration, virtual music revolutions, and practical applications of the industrial metaverse.