10 Best Reasons to Hire Dr Mark van Rijmenam As Your Strategic Futurist And Keynote Speaker


Dr Mark van Rijmenam, CSP, is a visionary strategic futurist who enlightens organisations on the transformative power, opportunities, and risks of AI, the metaverse, and other cutting-edge technologies. As a renowned international speaker, a Global Speaking Fellow and a 5-time author, he captivates audiences worldwide.

Unlock the Future of Innovation and Navigate the Digital Evolution

1. Unparalleled Expertise in Emerging Technologies

Dr Mark van Rijmenam lives and breathes cutting-edge technologies, literally. His knowledge is backed by robust academic foundations and ongoing engagement with contemporary technological advancements, making him an invaluable asset for organisations aiming to navigate the digital landscape adeptly. His knowledge is highly regarded in the industry. He practices what he preaches and recently cloned himself. He is now available as a digital twin for on-demand conversations via text, audio and video in 28 languages; see app.thedigitalspeaker.com.

2. Visionary Insights with a Futuristic Lens

As a strategic futurist, Dr Van Rijmenam provides a forward-thinking perspective, enabling audiences to anticipate and prepare for the digital revolution. Since he practices what he preaches, his insights provide a unique perspective and roadmap for organisations to navigate the digital transformation and foster a culture of innovation and adaptation essential for thriving in the digital age.

3. Engaging and Impactful Keynote Deliveries

Dr Van Rijmenam's ability to simplify complex ideas and present them in an engaging manner has inspired over 100,000 professionals across all continents and >30 countries. His keynotes are more than just presentations; they are experiences that ignite curiosity, provoke thought, and stimulate meaningful discussions.

4. Balanced and Candid Discourses

Appreciated for his balanced and candid insights, Dr Van Rijmenam presents a well-rounded view of the implications of emerging technologies. As an optimistic dystopian, he explores both the promising and the potentially perilous aspects of AI and other digital advancements, fostering a holistic understanding and encouraging informed discourse.

5. Custom-Tailored Presentations

The content and delivery of Dr Van Rijmenam's keynotes are tailored to meet his audience's specific needs and interests, ensuring a resonant and relevant learning experience. He takes the extra step to align his presentations with the organisational objectives and audience expectations.

6. Facilitator of Robust Discussions

Dr Van Rijmenam's presentations serve as catalysts for robust discussions around regulation, ethical technology application, and digital innovation. He cultivates a stimulating environment for critical thinking and open dialogue.

7. Dynamic Corporate Education Initiatives

Beyond keynote speaking, Dr Van Rijmenam offers an array of corporate education services, including workshops, webinars, a masterclass for all employees and interactions with his digital twin in any language, providing comprehensive learning experiences that extend well beyond the stage.

8. Recognition and Accreditation in the Speaking Domain

Being awarded the Certified Speaking Professional and Global Speaking Fellow accreditations in 2023 is a testament to his excellence and professionalism in the speaking arena. His recognitions reflect a high level of trust and satisfaction among industry peers and clients. He has received over >75 references.

9. Profound Impact on Audience Perceptions

Testimonials reveal that Dr Van Rijmenam's keynotes are eye-opening, informative, and often mind-blowing. His ability to shift perspectives and incite a deeper understanding of AI's societal, economic, and mental health impacts is invaluable. His keynotes are described as "brilliant and intriguing", often leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

10. Commitment to Ethical Technology Application

Dr Van Rijmenam emphasises the ethical implications of digital technology, advocating for responsible innovation. His commitment to ethical tech application is not just a topic of discussion but a crucial ethos he brings to every engagement, promoting a culture of responsibility and foresight in the digital realm.

You can engage with Dr Mark van Rijmenam to ensure your organisation is keeping up with the digital evolution and leading the charge towards a technologically empowered, ethically responsible, and innovative future.

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