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Available as a Hologram

The hologram concept allows The Digital Speaker to appear on stage anywhere globally without the environment’s burden of flying. Dr Mark van Rijmenam’s hologram will inspire your audience on how to digitally transform your organisation.

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

The Digital Speaker practices what he preaches and has become digital himself. Since he is now digital, it enables him to create all kinds of new opportunities. This is an excellent metaphor for organisations that want to digitally transform their business too; they should not do digital, but be digital.

Dr Mark van Rijmenam can have a conversation live on stage with his digital twin The Digital Speaker. This can be either his ‘live’ version as a hologram or his avatar as a hologram. The possibilities are endless.


Avatar as a Hologram

You can either invite The Digital Speaker as a live hologram and an exact copy of Dr Mark van Rijmenam on your stage or you can go next level and invite his avatar on stage as a hologram. This is especially relevant for hybrid events, where your online visitors can watch The Digital Speaker’s avatar in a digital environment and your live audience can see his hologram live on stage. Both the avatar and hologram will be fully synchronised. You can have this session pre-recorded or live-streamed, where The Digital Speaker can even interact with your audience.

A truly unique experience unlike anything seen before!


The Digital Speaker talks are about tomorrow’s organisation and how the future of work revolves around data, decentralisation, and automation. His keynotes are inspirational and provide the audience with a deep understanding of the accelerated change we are currently experiencing.

Due to his broad knowledge of major trends that affect our society and organisations, The Digital Speaker can inspire your audience about what’s happening and how you should be ready for the changes ahead. He always offers clear takeaways for your audience. He will not only provide you with a glimpse of the future but more importantly, tell you how your organisation can remain competitive in this exponential world.

Virtual keynotes anywhere in the world

The Digital Speaker is available for (virtual) keynotes anywhere in the world. The hologram concept allows you to offer a unique experience to your audience, both offline and online. At the end of 2020, The Digital Speaker first appeared as a hologram, watch the keynote below.

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The Digital Speaker

Avatar keynotes

Go digital and invite Mark’s avatar on stage.

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Virtual Keynotes
Virtual Keynotes

Go virtual and invite The Digital Speaker for a webinar.

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