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References Dr Mark van Rijmenam

The Digital Speaker has inspired >100.000 business and government leaders on the future of work. Read his references and recommendations here.

“Mark is very result oriented with a strong strategic focus. At the recent Blockchain Conference in KL, he was dynamic, on target, and one with the audience. ”

Karen Thomas

Business Development Manager, Thomvell International

“I worked together with Mark on our SOLITA Frontline Summit 2020 where Mark was our Key-note. His presentation and insight in the discussion after was world-class inspirational! Also leading up to the event despite the difficult -Covid-induced- circumstances everything was smooth sailing and cooperation was really easy and enjoyable. I hope and believe our paths will cross again and I highly recommend to take a close look at Mark's work!”

Peter Barkman

EVP International expansion & CMO

“Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is simply a rock star! His ability to deliver a well-prepared message in a funny, interesting way and engage everyone in the room is unparalleled in his industry. His research and thought-provoking educational material will resonate with our institution & students for many years. You know you had a successful session when days later people start a discussion with "As Dr. Mark van Rijmenam said.”

Samvel Movsisyan

Founder, Leadership School

“We are looking back on an extremely successful GlobalPETS Forum last week. We received on your presentation from the attendees a lot of positive comments. Therefore, thanks again for your support and delivering the professional presentation.”

Corine van Winden

PETS International, Board Member

"From the very first moment Mark was on board with the goal of our virtual Wintercamp ‘Data & Technology’: creating a data mindset throughout the entire organization.

In his keynote ‘The Port of Tomorrow’ he made the connection between the importance and the rapid development of data to our day-to-day business, and this in a passionate and inspiring way.

Mark masters the art of turning something complex into something very accessible. Right from the start he got everyone involved in his story. The interaction started and the reactions were very positive. Marks expertise was clearly visible through the playful ease with which he took questions from the audience. He linked them to concrete examples and came up with tips and suggestions to apply these within our own business. Mark, many thanks for taking our Wintercamp to the next level! The PSA University certainly recommends Mark."

Jelmer de Vos

Head of PSA University, Global PSA

Tim Chapman

Head of Junior Talent, Fujitsu

“I am so grateful to have had Mark as one of our keynote speakers at Global Big Data 2016 Application and Research Forum Qingdao China. 16-18 Nov 2016 (http://www.bigdata-qingdao.com). His big data and Blockchain expertise is very helpful for helping us thinking outside the box. As a person, he is great to treat and if you are looking for a speaker, Mark is one on top of the list.”

Tina Fuh

Owner, Forticy Group Inc.

“Mark van Rijmenam delivered an excellent keynote presentation at Big Data Week London 2016. I knew it was going to be a great talk, since his reputation preceded him, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his expertise goes beyond the big data field. Mark has a way of framing topics through an extensive web of inter-disciplinary insight and know-how that pushes the conversation forward for all of us. If you are in search of a speaker that can bring both inspiration and actionable advice to your event, Mark is your guy.”

Lavinia Bucur

Programme Director, Big Data Week

“WOW! Dr. Mark is AMAZING! He spoke at my Global Champions Summit and well, the audience was wowed, to say the least. I took pages of notes! It was the first time I understood AL, Blockchain, and Big Data properly. Dr. Mark made it so simple to understand a sometimes complicated topic. He was engaging with my audience and kept their attention right up until the very end. Actually I had him as a guest speaker on The Camilita Podcast and straight away implemented some of the systems he shared into my OWN business. I highly recommend Dr. Mark if you want someone to come into your company, business or organisation to understand the technology and/or have him as a guest on your podcast, event, or seminar. Thank you Dr. Mark!”

Camilita P Nuttall

Founder, Global Champions Summit

“The retail sector in Africa is thriving and new technologies are being introduced into the continent’s retail industry faster than any of the regions other sectors. Big Data is one of the biggest things African retailers are looking at working with and improving as the need for customer satisfaction and interaction becomes top priority.”

Retail World Africa 2015, a part of Africa’s largest payments, banking and retail show, was honoured to have Mark speak at the conference as a Keynote speaker where he covered:

  • The next wave of mass customisation and how to drive it
  • How to leverage Big Data for a predictive e-commerce offering
  • Ways Big Data will transform e-commerce
  • How predictive analytics can boost sales
  • Data – storing it right, using it right
  • Customer intelligence and data and how to use it to improve engagement
  • How to secure data through Omni-channel payments and purchases

Thanks to Mark, Africa’s retailers now have invaluable in-depth insight into the need for Big Data and the multiple ways retailers can make use of the trend.

Our delegates loved him and so did his fellow speakers.

As the Conference Manager for Retail World Africa 2015, I would recommend Mark to any other event organiser or industry who is looking for insights into Big Data and the many ways Big Data can brings big rewards to you."

Jerodé Moodley

Event Director, Retail World Africa 2015 - Terrapinn

“Mark recently participate in an event that I was running and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Mark delivered a keynote presentation and participate in a panel discussion addressing the benefits and challenges of implementing an effective data strategy. His professionalism and subject matter knowledge shown through and his participation was highly commended by the delegation.”

“ I would happily work with Mark again.”

Ben Turner

General Manager Disruption, FST Media

“Mark participated in our Bridge-ing Big Data Workshop (http://engineering.unl.edu/bbdworkshop-agenda/) October 8 and 9 and did an excellent job. His Big Data and Technology expertise and insight greatly added to the tenor of the conversations and helped many traditional engineers think "outside the box." I wouldn't hesitate to include him in similar discussions in the future!”

Daniel Linzell

Professor & Department Chair, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“Mark is very knowledgeable on the subject of Big Data and has the capability of explaining complex matter in laymen’s terms.

I have worked with him in different settings, most recently organizing a business event where Mark was the main speaker. The roadmap he spoke about, from his book ‘Think Bigger’, has proven to help organizations in developing their own strategy.

Mark is a great presenter who is able to show the audience where we are at today and also gives the public an insight into a possible and very likely future. He is ranked as one of the top Big Data influencers for a good reason.

If you have a strategic Big Data challenge or an event around Big Data I can highly recommend Mark. ”

Paul Muller

Manager Alliances & Business Development, Internet Service Group

“I invited Mark to join one of our International Congress as the main speaker for BigData2015 World Insights. As a person, he is great to treat, responsible and compromised human. As a leader he shared his knowledge with all attendees and the organizers. After the event the attendees satisfaction survey showed Mark had one of the best keynotes and the majority of them wanted him back for our next conference. This shows the professional and important knowledge he can share. His pitch involved people and he invited them to connect with the topic.”

Fernando Masmela Diaz

Organiser, Big Data World Insights, Colombia

“Mark recently did a presentation on Big Data for the regional circle of the Nyenrode Alumni Assocation. In the presentation he talked about the strategical aspects of Big Data and gave us various interesting examples. Mark is very knowledgeable and an interesting speaker to listen to.”

Jocelyn Vlaar

“Mark is an inspirational and creative business consultant. He has deep knowledge in the area of Big data and helped our organisation to draw its data strategy. Highly recommended and reliable business consultant.”

Martin Gramatikov

Senior Justice Sector Adviser and Head of Measurement & Evaluation

“Van Rijmenam gave a presentation about how Walmart makes Big Data part of its DNA and a Big Data Strategy workshop at the Data Quality Conference in Melbourne, Australia. The presentation and attendance was greatly appreciated and feedback included among others: ‘Thoroughly insightful and very enjoyable’ & ‘Great, very knowledgeable’ & ‘Mark provided excellent Big Data insights and its possibilities in the future during the workshop. ”

Data Quality Asia Pacific Congress 2014


“With an understandable presentation, Mark is able to captivate the attendees on the subject of big data, which he is able to explain clearly and thoroughly. He uses interesting concrete examples that make his story very understandable.”

Daan Wiebes

Chairman, VOR / RWS

“Within an academic context as well as in a business context, Mark is able to explain the essence and possibilities of big data in a clear and concise manner. He has many examples, he is up-to-date and he is able to frame the commercial applications for organization.”

Ed Peelen

Partner, ICSB

"I know Mark a true expert in the field of Big Data, 'the oil of the 21st century'. Mark was one of the key note speakers at the National Publishing Day 2014, organized by the dutch b2b platform Mediafacts. His 45 minute speech on how publishers should strategically approach 'Big Data' was well received; it got high scores in our post event online summary.

Mark knows the way in the complicated 'Big Data' landscape and is able to serve companies from different sectors well when the aim is setting up a Big Data strategy and providing the means to implement it."

Wim Damhof

Chief Editor, Mediafacts

“Mark recently did a presentation on Big Data for the regional circle of the Nyenrode Alumni Assocation. In the presentation he talked about the strategical aspects of Big Data and gave us various interesting examples. Mark is very knowledgeable and an interesting speaker to listen to.”

Jorgen Heizenberg

CTO NL, Capgemini

“Mark van Rijmenam provided good foundational knowledge [on blockchain] and how this new technology will change the world in the coming years. He is original and a good instructor.”

Burgan Bank


The Digital Speaker

"Mark has a valuable independent view of the total spectrum of the Big data scene and has a versatile and extensive network. He has detailed knowledge and proved highly efficient during our short period of working together."

Diederik Meijerink

Data Scientist, Schiphol Group

"Using concrete examples Mark is able to explain big data and it potential and its impact for organizations and societies."

Nico van Buren

Managing Director, Kennisalliantie

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