14 Nov 2019

Why the Organisation of Tomorrow comes with Great Responsibility

The organisation of tomorrow [https://www.thedigitalspeaker.com/the-organisation-of-tomorrow/] will be built around data using emerging technologies. Big data analytics empowers consumers and employees. This will result in real-time decision making and a better understanding of the changing environment. Blockchain enables peer-to-peer collaboration and trustless interactions governed by cryptography and

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24 Oct 2019

4 Ways to Ensure Data Security in Tomorrow's Organisation

Data security in tomorrow’s organisations will be fundamentally different than data security today. If you believe that data security today is a challenge, you will be surprised what it will be tomorrow. As I have said many times over: every organisation will be hacked, and if you are not

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28 Nov 2018

5 Qualities Your Next Chief Information Security Officer Should Have

In a world where dataism [https://www.thedigitalspeaker.com/how-build-organisation-of-tomorrow/] has become the new normal for organisations, security has become a high priority. Or at least, it should be a top priority for organisations. Unfortunately, the reality is different, and every year, many consumers still become the victim of one

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09 May 2018

Why We Need End-to-End Quantum-Resistant Encryption

In a world that increasingly revolves around data, security and encryption are key. Unfortunately, too often organisations do not take security seriously. Big tech giants like Facebook allow firms such as Cambridge Analytica to syphon away 50 million user profiles, while the average Internet of Things device is so easy

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13 Feb 2017

How Big Data Security Analytics Will Protect Your Company

We live in an era of increased cyber threats. With dozens of companies and organisations being hacked on a daily basis and cyber-crime rising to new levels of hacking during the US elections, it is time for organisations to start protecting themselves. Big Data Security Analytics can help companies understand

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5 Cyber Risks Affecting the Internet of Things and How to Manage These Risks

The Internet of Things will offer organizations tremendous value and will provide consumers with fantastic benefits. However, the Internet of Things also comes with a wide variety of cyber risks that could harm organizations and consumers who work with the IoT. To protect your organization from these cyber risks, you

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05 Jan 2016

Why Trust and Data Breaches Don't Get Along

If you want to retain the trust of your customers, you better make sure that you don’t have any data breaches. As this infographic [http://www.safenet-inc.com/resources/data-protection/customer-loyalty-data-breaches-infographic/] , developed by Gemalto, shows, data breaches have a significant impact [https://www.thedigitalspeaker.com/need-end-end-quantum-resistant-encryption/] on consumer trust,

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How Data Lakes Open New Possibilities for Your Organisation

In the past years, I have seen a flood of information on data lakes, and it looks like it is becoming as much of a buzzword as Big Data [https://www.thedigitalspeaker.com/3vs-sufficient-describe-big-data/]. I described data lakes [https://datafloq.com/read/five-big-data-trends-2015/661] as a growing trend in 2015

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10 Feb 2014

Five Key Big Data Challenges Companies Need To Overcome When Developing A Big Data Strategy

Organizations face some serious big data challenges: It requires perseverance, trial & error and a cultural change to become truly data-driven.

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13 Mar 2013

Improving Organisational and National Security With Big Data

The usage of big data tools to secure organisations, prevent crimes and ensure national security will increase massively in the coming years

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