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Dr Mark van Rijmenam, CSP

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A visionary strategic futurist, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam, CSP, informs organizations about the transformative nature, potential, and dangers of AI, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies. As a celebrated keynote speaker in the energy industry, Global Speaking Fellow, and author of five books, he captivates audiences across the globe.

Keynote topics:

  • AI is like Lego; Preparing Your Energy Business to Become a Bionic Organization
  • Artificial intelligence: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
  • Enabling Enterprise Digital Twins with 5G for the Energy industry


"This was an awe-inspiring session with Mark van Rijmenam and Nestlé leaders We are very grateful for him sparking curiosity and sharing a glimpse of what the metaverse entails, and the fact that some elements are not tomorrow but today."

- Gonzalo Vega Center of Learning and Inspiration - Rive Reine - Nestlé

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Discover the transformative potential of AI in the energy sector with Mark van Rijmenam, a prominent AI Keynote Speaker.

Unleashing AI in the Energy Sector

in an era marked by rapid technological advancements, artificial intelligence stands out as a major game-changer, particularly in the energy industry. As a seasoned AI keynote speaker, I strive to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI's profound impact on the energy sector. By leveraging AI, energy companies can enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainable practices. AI enables predictive maintenance, real-time energy consumption monitoring, and smart grid management, leading to improved reliability and service delivery.

Shaping the Energy Landscape with AI

With the power to transform the way energy is produced, managed, and consumed, artificial intelligence is more than just a technological trend; it is a key driver for sustainability and efficiency in the energy sector. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI can help optimize energy consumption, reduce wastage, and enable the transition towards renewable energy sources. As a keynote speaker, I guide industry leaders on how to leverage AI to drive innovation and growth.

The energy industry is undergoing a digital revolution, with AI at the helm. Through real-time data analysis and machine learning, AI has the potential to dramatically reshape the energy landscape. I have helped numerous organizations harness the power of AI to predict energy demand, enhance grid reliability, and drive sustainable practices.

AI and the Future of Energy

As an AI keynote speaker for the energy industry, my mission is to help industry leaders understand and harness the power of AI. By embracing AI, the energy industry can streamline operations, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. Let's navigate the future of energy together.

I am dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of technology and innovation. I pride myself on being a relatable and informative speaker with a proven track record of success.

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