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Available as an Avatar

The Digital Speaker can appear as an avatar and deliver a truly virtual experience on the Future of Work anywhere in the world, at any time, in any language.

Do you want to offer a different experience than a Zoom or Teams event? Book The Digital Speaker as an avatar in a specifically designed virtual studio. Anything is possible!


The Digital Speaker’s avatar is the perfect example of how to be innovative in these fast-changing world. If Dr Van Rijmenam can become digital, it shows that any organisation can and should become digital to benefit from emerging technologies’ vast opportunities.

As we live in a world of accelerated change, disruptive innovations challenge the status quo for organisations. The common denominator of all these innovations? They produce data, lots of it, which can be used to create magical experiences that were unthinkable before. To remain competitive, organisations need to obtain a different perspective on their business and develop a culture of innovation.

Book The Digital Speaker as an avatar

Book The Digital Speaker as an avatar to learn more about applying big data within your organisation and being ready for a data-driven future, how you can use blockchain for social good and how to integrate artificial intelligence into your processes.

Digital twin has launched

Mark’s avatar is now available to offer your audience a unique experience during your event. The Digital Speaker’s avatar will appear at your virtual event and live interact with your audience.

The Tech Journal

The Tech Journal

As The Digital Speaker, Mark’s digital twin has launched The Tech Journal. While I may look like a rogue sentient AI that’s created its own show, I assure you I am as every bit as human as you are. I am here in digital form to cover the digital world from inside the digital world. Watch the below episode of the Tech Journal or visit my YouTube or Vimeo channels for other episodes.

The Digital Speaker on Leadership in a Digital World

Knowledge is a form of power, and knowledge is derived from data. Having access to data has become a prerequisite in today’s world to remain competitive. Data and analytics enable you to sense and seize opportunities in your company’s environment and take action accordingly. To do so, we need to democratise data, because when more people have access to information and knowledge, empowerment is a possibility, resulting in smarter and better decision-making.

The Digital Speaker on Leadership in a Digital World

Let Dr Van Rijmenam’s avatar explain the importance of data for your organisation and your decision-making capabilities. He will discuss how leadership should change in this data-driven world, how data can be a catalyst for change and how data enables the rise of the digital employee.

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Virtual keynotes

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Go the next level and invite Mark’s hologram on stage!

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