Boardroom Sessions

Every C-level executive should know that Blockchain, AI and Big Data affect their business. How do these technologies change your organization and turn your organization into a data-driven business? Where should you start and what do these technologies mean for your organization in particular? Van Rijmenam developed the A2 + D2 Model that will help your organization remain competitive in today's fast-changing world.

Big Data, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence, however, are not the only megatrends affecting your organization. Your macro-environment is experiencing accelerated change and numerous trends such as Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Robotics, 3D-printing and many more are waiting for attention. What is happening in the world around you and how can you explore these trends to gain a competitive advantage?

How can you build a product/service that is truly customer-centric and is based on data if you don’t know where to start? In interactive boardroom sessions, Van Rijmenam will guide executives into the world of Emerging Information Technologies and explain how they should change their organization to be ready for the digital revolution that is upon us.

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