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Dr Mark van Rijmenam, CSP

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A visionary strategic futurist, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam, CSP, informs organizations about the transformative nature, potential, and dangers of AI, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies. As a celebrated keynote speaker in the publishing industry, Global Speaking Fellow, and author of five books, he captivates audiences across the globe.

Keynote topics:

  • The internet of Things: How IoT Shapes the Future
  • Navigating the IoT Landscape: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies
  • How IoT is Driving innovation and Creating New the Publishing industry Opportunities


"This was an awe-inspiring session with Mark van Rijmenam and Nestlé leaders We are very grateful for him sparking curiosity and sharing a glimpse of what the metaverse entails, and the fact that some elements are not tomorrow but today."

- Gonzalo Vega Center of Learning and Inspiration - Rive Reine - Nestlé

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Immerse in the future of publishing with an internet of Things Futurist, who elucidates how IoT can revolutionize the publishing industry.

IoT Revolutionizing Publishing

The publishing world stands at the brink of a new era, heralded by the internet of Things (IoT). As an internet of Things Futurist, a mission is to guide the industry through this seismic shift. IoT’s potential in publishing extends beyond just data collection. The technology can bring books to life, allowing real-time updates, interactive content, and user feedback. Sensors can provide data on how readers engage with books, leading to more insightful market analytics. Further, IoT opens up a whole new paradigm of possibilities for book formats and delivery, offering personalized and immersive reading experiences through smart devices. The goal is to help the publishing industry embrace the IoT revolution and unlock new avenues of growth and innovation.

IoT's Impact on Content Creation

The internet of Things is poised to transform content creation in publishing. As an internet of Things Futurist, one delves into how IoT technology can create a more dynamic, interactive reading experience. Sensors embedded in books can enable real-time updates and adaptations based on reader behavior, opening up possibilities for adaptive storytelling. IoT devices can also provide authors with real-time feedback, enabling them to refine their work based on reader engagement. The shift towards IoT-integrated publishing would necessitate new strategies and skill sets, but the potential rewards - more engaging content, improved reader retention, and better market understanding - make this transition an exciting prospect for forward-thinking publishers.

Distribution is another aspect of publishing that stands to gain significantly from IoT. As an internet of Things Futurist, insights are offered into how IoT can streamline and optimize distribution processes. Smart tracking enabled by IoT can provide real-time data on inventory levels and consumer demand, leading to more efficient supply chain management. IoT can also facilitate direct-to-consumer distribution models, allowing publishers to bypass traditional retail channels and foster a closer connection with readers. in an industry where margins are often thin, the efficiency gains from IoT could be a game-changer.

Streamlining Distribution with IoT

The transition to an IoT-driven future won't happen overnight, and it's important for the publishing industry to be prepared. As an internet of Things Futurist, a roadmap is provided for this transition. First, it's crucial for publishers to invest in IoT infrastructure and skill sets. This includes not only IoT devices but also data analytics capabilities to harness the data these devices produce. Publishers also need to explore new partnerships and business models in an IoT-dominated landscape. Moreover, ethical considerations such as data privacy need to be addressed proactively. With proper preparation and strategic foresight, the publishing industry can ride the wave of IoT to a prosperous future.

I am dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of technology and innovation. I pride myself on being a relatable and informative speaker with a proven track record of success.

Preparing for an IoT-Driven Future

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