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Dr Mark van Rijmenam, CSP

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A visionary strategic futurist, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam, CSP, informs organizations about the transformative nature, potential, and dangers of AI, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies. As a celebrated keynote speaker in the publishing industry, Global Speaking Fellow, and author of five books, he captivates audiences across the globe.

Keynote topics:

  • Unleashing the Generative AI Genie: A Brave New Metaverse or a Nightmare Scenario?
  • How the Metaverse Will Change the Publishing industry
  • How the Future of Work and the Metaverse Will Transform the Employee Experience


"This was an awe-inspiring session with Mark van Rijmenam and Nestlé leaders We are very grateful for him sparking curiosity and sharing a glimpse of what the metaverse entails, and the fact that some elements are not tomorrow but today."

- Gonzalo Vega Center of Learning and Inspiration - Rive Reine - Nestlé

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Embrace the future of the publishing industry within the metaverse with a futurist's insights on how virtual realities can redefine storytelling and content engagement.

Mapping the Metaverse's Impact on Publishing

The metaverse, an immersive virtual reality space where users can interact in a computer-generated environment, has significant implications for the publishing industry. As a Metaverse Futurist, the goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of this new digital frontier and its potential impact on publishing. The metaverse offers unprecedented possibilities for interactive storytelling, transforming passive readers into active participants. Traditional books can evolve into dynamic narratives where readers can influence outcomes or explore different story paths, leading to a more engaging and immersive reading experience. The task is to help industry leaders understand these changes, offering insights and strategies for navigating this new landscape.

interactive Storytelling in the Metaverse

A key aspect of the metaverse's impact on publishing is its potential to revolutionize storytelling. As a Metaverse Futurist, it's essential to shed light on this transformative potential. in the metaverse, content is no longer static - it becomes an interactive, immersive experience. Readers can engage with narratives in unprecedented ways, influencing story outcomes or exploring various paths. This increased interactivity can lead to more deeply engaging narratives that resonate strongly with readers, opening new avenues for creativity and innovation in the publishing industry. Guiding publishers through this exciting new paradigm and helping them understand how to harness its potential will be instrumental in shaping the future of storytelling.

The metaverse also promises to transform the distribution aspect of publishing. As a Metaverse Futurist, the focus is on how this new digital environment can facilitate more direct and engaging distribution models. Within the metaverse, publishers can create immersive virtual bookshops or libraries, offering readers a unique and engaging way to discover and purchase content. This direct-to-consumer approach allows publishers to bypass traditional retail channels, fostering a closer connection with their audience. Moreover, the metaverse enables real-time tracking of reader engagement, providing publishers with valuable insights that can inform their distribution strategies.

Metaverse and Content Distribution

The transition into the metaverse represents a significant shift for the publishing industry, and it's crucial to be prepared. As a Metaverse Futurist, the role is to guide publishers through this transition, providing a strategic roadmap to navigate this new era. This includes investing in virtual reality technologies, upskilling teams to navigate the metaverse, and rethinking traditional business models to fit this new context. It's also crucial to proactively address potential challenges, such as data privacy and copyright issues, to ensure a smooth transition. By embracing the metaverse, the publishing industry can usher in a new era of interactive storytelling and direct audience engagement.

I am dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of technology and innovation. I pride myself on being a relatable and informative speaker with a proven track record of success.

Preparing for the Metaverse Era

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