Synthetic Minds: My TEDx talk and more AI disruption

Synthetic Minds: My TEDx talk and more AI disruption

'Synthetic Minds', formerly known as the f(x)=e^x, serves as a mirror to the multifaceted, synthetic elements that are beginning to weave into the fabric of our society. The name acknowledges the blend of artificial and human intelligence that will shape our collective future, posing incredible opportunities and ethical dilemmas.

The Coming Wave of AI Disruption: Navigating the Future in Large Enterprises

My latest article:

2023 is a pivotal year for AI in enterprises, driving major strategic and operational shifts. AI's dual impact - automating tasks and enhancing human problem-solving - demands reevaluating business models and workforce strategies. 

While AI like ChatGPT boosts productivity, it also raises concerns about job displacement. However, AI also fosters new roles and opportunities. Enterprises face challenges in integrating AI ethically and effectively, ensuring responsible use, and balancing productivity with employee satisfaction. 

The rapid advancements in AI, exemplified by Tesla's Optimus Bot and all the new Large Language Models, highlight the urgent need for a strategic approach to AI integration, focusing on reskilling and lifelong learning.

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My digital transformation journey takes a leap forward. Since creating my brand, The Digital Speaker, in 2020, I've aimed to digitally recreate myself. Now, the dream is almost a reality with a new mobile app in the pipeline. Imagine having an on-demand conversation with me in any language via text, audio, or video. Stay tuned for its launch!

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Synthetic Snippets: Weekly Bytes for Your Synthetic Mind

Quick, curated insights to feed your quest for a better understanding of our evolving synthetic future.

1. AI or bye-bye: navigating the job landscape in the age of AI.

Accenture's CTO, Paul Daugherty, strikes a chord at the brainstorm AI conference with a call to invest in people, not just technology. He warns of a future where job "consolidation" is inevitable due to AI, but the real concern lies in those left behind - the ones not wielding the magic wand of generative AI. (Fortune)

2. AI's latest puzzle: mastering data lineage

As AI transitions from hype to production, data lineage, tracing the flow and purpose of data, becomes critical. It's like a detective story, ensuring AI doesn't fumble in the dark with data, crucial for compliance and accurate outcomes in an era of stricter regulations and smarter models. (Supervised)

3. AI's new brainwave: lab-grown smarts.

A few months ago, I wrote about organoids, and science fiction meets reality a lot faster than expected as researchers blend lab-grown brain organoids with AI, creating neural nets that learn like human brains but with a fraction of the energy. It's early days, but this 'Brainoware' tech hints at a future where AI could be more human-like, though it raises intriguing questions about consciousness in artificial beings. (Future of being human)

4. Google tunes into AI with 'musicfx'.

Google unveils MusicFX, a revolutionary AI tool that transforms text prompts into unique instrumental tracks, pioneering a new wave in music creation. While it opens doors for musical experimentation, it treads carefully, avoiding specific artists and vocals to respect originality, embodying the dance between innovation and ethical AI. (VentureBeat)

Ensuring a Thriving Digital Future in a Post-Truth World

I'm thrilled to share that my groundbreaking TEDx talk, "Ensuring a Thriving Digital Future in a Post-Truth World," is now available online! Starting with a digital deepfake of myself, I dive into the swirling currents of our post-truth era, where AI technologies like deepfakes and large language models are reshaping our reality. (TEDxAthens)

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