16 Apr 2020

Mass Hysteria Surrounds COVID-19 Tracking Apps, and We Are Sleepwalking to State Surveillance

The world is in crisis, and whenever a crisis occurs, drastic measures could be taken by those involved. In this particular case, the Coronavirus has the entire world in its grip and governments around the world are struggling to contain the health and economic effects of the virus. The lockdown

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02 Apr 2020

The Rise of Digitalism: Will the Coronavirus Trigger the End of Liberalism?

> “Don’t waste a crisis” – M.F. Weiner, 1976 [https://freakonomics.com/2009/08/13/quotes-uncovered-who-said-no-crisis-should-go-to-waste/] A famous quote that has often been linked to Winston Churchill in the form “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Whoever said it, there is a truth to it, and also now

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