ChatGPT is a Paradigm Shift; why Education Should Embrace It

ChatGPT is an advanced AI tool that has disrupted the educational system. Many students use it to outsource their homework, but some educators are trying to ban it. Instead of banning this technology, the education industry should embrace it and adapt to the new reality of AI.

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How To Build a Responsible Tech Startup?

The technology industry has a responsibility to be a force for good, but how can tech startups create a responsible business that has a long-term stakeholder approach instead of a short-term shareholder approach?

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5 Ways How the Corona Crisis Will Change Organisations

Humankind is facing the biggest crisis of our generation. Across the globe, economies are coming to a standstill. Globalisation has been put on pause, and once the virus recedes, we will have to get used to the ‘1,5-meter economy’. For social creatures like humans, this social distancing will prove

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