4 steps to digital transformation

4 steps to digital transformation
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4 Steps to be Successful with the Digital Transformation of Your Business

My latest article:

Data-driven organisations are 23x more likely to acquire customers, 6x more likely to retain customers and 19x more likely to be profitable. Being data-driven is good for business. Digitally transforming your business is challenging. Big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence force us to rethink our business models and develop organisations that will be ready for human-machine interactions. For organisations to succeed in the digital transformation, they have to achieve a gestalt shift, where they see their organisation from a different perspective. This will enable them to rebuild their organisation and have a data-drive approach. To remain relevant in these fast-changing times, here are four steps to digitally transform your business.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Fancy a lab-grown steak?

Burger King recently launched the Impossible Whopper - whopper with fake meat. However, researchers are working on creating real meat, but without the animals. Lab-grown meat is coming our way, though it might be a while before you can purchase a lab-grown steak at your local supermarket. (MIT)

2. Are we heading towards a new AI winter?

Are we headed for a golden age of AI, or will the technology hit a wall over the next several years and lead to a new winter? At some point, all narrow AI use cases will be exhausted, but if artificial general intelligence did not arrive yet, a new AI winter might be a fact. (VentureBeat)

3. Is Moore’s law dying and what comes next?

For the past five decades, Moore’s law stood strong, but now we have begin to hit some intractable limits in further growth, both in terms of physics and economics. Will brain-inspired chips fuel a future growth in compute power? (Singularity Hub)