5 initiatives to ensure ethical AI

5 initiatives to ensure ethical AI
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Why We Need Ethical AI: 5 Initiatives to Ensure Ethics in AI

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There is nearly limitless potential to artificial intelligence innovation, which is both positive and frightening. AI is, ultimately, an advanced tool for computation and analysis. It's susceptible to errors and bias when it's developed with malicious intent or trained with adversarial data inputs. AI has enormous potential to be weaponised in ways which threaten public safety, security, and quality of life, which is why AI ethics is so important. Fortunately, numerous global initiatives are dedicated to making sure AI development includes ethical standards. Frameworks and policy can minimise the risks of AI and ensure the technology is used to create a safer, fairer world for everyone.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

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1. How science fiction predicted the 2020s.

For decades, the 2020s seemed far away into the future and was a great inspiration for many science fiction writers. The future is now and many of the predictions in science fiction are uncannily correct. (OneZero)

2. Mining Bitcoin while driving your Tesla, why not?

Tesla cars are driving computers, so why not turn one into a Bitcoin mining rig? Bitcoin fans have shared video footage of a Tesla car’s onboard computer system operating as a Bitcoin full node. (Hard Fork)

3. EU central banks team up to develop crypto use cases.

The biggest banks in the European region have joined forces to investigate cryptocurrency use cases and whether or not they should launch a crypto Euro. (The Next Web)


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