7 Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

7 Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
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Enterprise Blockchain Solutions: Seven Use Cases

My latest article:

With blockchain technology advancing, enterprises are starting to see the benefits of distributed ledger technology. A shared ledger among industry partners can significantly improve business processes, enable instant settlement of transactions and create trust and transparency in a global network. Any industry can benefit from blockchain technology, and many organisations are now experimenting with different Proof of Concepts to understand what blockchain means for their organisation. Therefore, here are seven interesting use cases that organisations are currently developing.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Google+ is no longer, thanks to exposing private data.

For months, Google+ kept very quiet about a security flaw that exposed data of half a million users. Already in March, they found and fixed a bug, but did not inform their users. This bug allowed developers to access private data of Google+ users, but not any longer, because Google+ is no longer. (Gizmodo)

2. Facebook released a video phone, what could go wrong?

Amidst Facebook’s biggest-ever data breach, they decided to release a video phone, designed to simplify video chatting. What could possibly go wrong with the world’s most untrustworthy brand bringing a live connection to your living room? (The Verge)

3. Using AI to detect fake news.

Fake news is a threat to democracy and can cause enormous havoc in any society, even leading to people being killed (as happened in India recently). Now, MIT Researchers have developed an AI fact checker. The algorithm uses machine learning to detect fake news. (Geek.com)