AI and Governance

AI and Governance
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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Corporate Governance​

My latest article:

Growing investments in Artificial Intelligence technology have transformed many areas in the business world, especially among high-tech and financial organisations. Companies looking into AI may focus on the potential for automating low-skill tasks, but they are overlooking a major opportunity. Artificial Intelligence can also play a significant role in corporate governance, serving to augment the decision-making processes by the organisation's leadership. As such, AI could lead to better companies.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. AI plays chess in an "almost alien way".

Deepmind, the company of Go world-champion AlphaGo Zero, developed Alpha Zero - a more general version of AlphaGo. In 24 hours, Alpha Zero taught itself to play chess well enough to beat one of the best existing chess programs around. It does so, in an entirely novel, almost alien way. (MIT)

2. Can humans keep the upper hand on AI?

What happens if AI seeks to avoid human intervention and create unwanted situations? Researchers have shown how human operators can maintain control if that happens. (Science Daily)

3. Interested to know what Dolphins talk about? AI might know.

Scientists have used unsupervised learning algorithms to eavesdrop on dolphins. AI enabled them to sift through millions of echolocation clicks and discover patterns. (Independent)