Building a Bionic Business: Constructing AI-Driven Organizations

Why embracing AI is no longer optional but a necessity.

Generative AI has taken the world by storm, but within the next decade, only organisations that embrace AI at all levels within their organisation will survive. Embracing AI, digital twins and robotics within your business will result in human-machine collaboration, creating a bionic business ready for tomorrow.

In this fast-paced and inspiring keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam demystifies the journey of transforming organisations through generative AI, digital twins and robotics, illustrating both its profound benefits and inherent challenges.

“Mark brought great perspectives and was thought-provoking about possible future scenarios” – Commonwealth Bank Australia.

In this futuristic keynote presentation, audiences will discover:

  • The unparalleled ADVANTAGES of AI in ENHANCING PRODUCTIVITY, DRIVING INNOVATION, and CREATING COMPETITIVE EDGE using AI, robotics and digital twins.
  • Strategies to integrate AI while ensuring ETHICAL USAGE, TRANSPARENCY, and EMPLOYEE INCLUSION.
  • Overcoming common roadblocks in ADOPTION, SCALABILITY, and TRUST.

Attendees will walk away with a roadmap for creating a bionic organisation, ready to face the future confidently.

Building a Bionic Business is an indispensable session for business leaders and tech enthusiasts or can be tailored to a detailed half-day workshop.

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