Crypto: the new world meets the old world

Crypto: the new world meets the old world
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Where to Open a Business Bank Account in Europe as a Crypto Startup?

My latest article:

Many banks around the globe are not very crypto-friendly. Most of them, simply refuse any company that has something to do with cryptocurrencies, whether you are a trading company or doing an ICO. These banks rather stay away from cryptocurrencies, being afraid of terrorism or money laundering. So, where should you go if you are a company in the crypto-space looking to open a bank account? Here is an overview of the possibilities across Europe.​

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Wells Fargo bans crypto purchases with a credit card.

In light with this week’s article, US bank Wells Fargo has just banned cryptocurrency purchases using its credit cards. 18% of Bitcoin investors use a credit card to purchase Bitcoin, and 22% of those couldn’t pay off their balances. Now, Wells Fargo wants to bring an end to this practice. (Bloomberg)

2. Robocop is coming your way, in the form of a drone.

Recently, the Mexican police employed a single drone to fight crime, and the results are impressive. Within a few months, the solitary Quadcopter led to more than 500 arrests and a 10% drop in overall crime rates and a 30% reduction in robberies. (Wired)

3. Blockchain cannot meet the needs of the financial markets.

After three years of testing with blockchain technology, the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) concluded that the technology is not yet ready to support the needs of the financial market infrastructure. The DNB created four prototypes, which were not satisfactory, but the central bank does find blockchain technology promising. (CCN)


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