DAOs - the organisation of the future

DAOs - the organisation of the future
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A Distributed Future: Where Blockchain Technology Meets Organisational Design and Decision-making

My latest article:

New forms of organisation design, both decentralised and autonomous, will likely appear due to the emergence of Blockchain and smart contracts. By ensuring a single version of the truth of ownership, Blockchain removes the need for trusted intermediaries and enables irrefutable transactions and decisions to be executed automatically and autonomously across time and space. Organisations that apply Blockchain are increasingly unifying with a distributed network organisation, as part of the ‘Internet of Value’. When organisations start using smart contracts that are deployed on a blockchain, they move towards becoming a DAO - the organisation of the future - in which actors of all kinds self-organise to create value.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Two students recreated OpenAI’s dangerous text generator.

Two master graduates from Computer Science rolled out an AI text generator based upon GPT-2. They wanted to prove that anyone can build such AI and believe that their software does not possess any risk for society - not yet. (Wired)

2. Security should be compulsory for computer science degrees.

Every organisation can and will be hacked. If you have not yet been hacked, your organisation is simply not important enough. Unfortunately, many organisation don’t take cybersecurity seriously, as evidenced by the many data breaches. Therefore, some believe cybersecurity should become compulsory for computer science students. (HBR)

3. A DAO renaissance has begun, in Berlin.

After the famous The DAO hack a few years ago, it seems that Decentralised Autonomous Organisations are back. A DAO is an organisation run by immutable code under the sole control of a set of irreversible business rules. Once executed correctly, these type of organisations will be very disruptive. (Coindesk)