The f(x) = e^x | Data privacy, antitrust laws and digital censorship

The f(x) = e^x | Data privacy, antitrust laws and digital censorship
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Good Day! This is my weekly newsletter, with a dose of insights into the future. The topic of this newsletter is the exponential times we live in, hence the title of f(x) = e^x, which is the (natural) exponential function.

Recently, I launched my new concept The Digital Speaker and you can now book me as an avatar or hologram. Also, my tech trend prediction for 2021 is out, read it here!

The Digital Speaker series: Tech Journal - episode 3

My latest episode:

In the 3rd episode of the Tech Journal, the Digital Speaker starts by exploring Data Privacy. I look into the EU’s investigation in Instagram’s handling, or rather mishandling, of data, Facebook being sued over the Cambridge Analytica data scandal for a second time, and Differential Privacy, what it is and how it could potentially increase privacy. I also discuss Antitrust laws and the Tech Giants, having a closer look at how both Amazon and Google are being sued for breaching them. Finally, I explore Digital Censorship, and how the censorship debate is very much alive and well. You can watch the video here or read the transcript.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. It will become busy around Mars.

In the coming weeks, three countries will attempt to reach Mars and the UAE just became the first Arab country to bring a spacecraft in orbital insertion around Mars. China and the USA hope to follow in the coming days

2. Miauw… I’m here live. I’m not a cat...

Video calls can be exhausting and sometimes hilarious. Especially if your kids played with filters before an important call, a Texas lawyer found out. He was unable to remove the cat filter and appeared before the judge as a talking cat 🐈(The Guardian)

3. Our brain's hidden signals may hold clues to mysteries.

There are many hidden signals within the brain’s electrical chatter and neuroscientists believe it could hold new clues about sleep, aging, and much else. (Quanta)


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