The Digital Renaissance: Reimagining Work and Collaboration

Why the future of work demands reinvention in the face of digital transformation.

The future of work revolves around three megatrends with significant implications for the employee experience: data, decentralisation, and automation. As we experience a digital renaissance, how we work and what we do will forever change.

In this enlightening keynote, renowned futurist Dr Mark van Rijmenam charts the course of work and collaboration in a world where decentralised systems, autonomous agents and the metaverse are becoming the norm, disrupting the future of work and collaboration.

“Dr Mark is a fantastic and engaging speaker.” – EY

In this insightful and highly-relevant keynote, audiences discover:

  • How to foster a culture of INNOVATION, FLEXIBILITY, and INCLUSIVITY in a decentralised work environment.
  • How to attract GEN Z to your organisation, be it as an EMPLOYEE or CUSTOMER

Participants will depart with a blueprint to reshape their organisations, ensuring they remain competitive in the Digital Renaissance.

The Digital Renaissance is a tailor-made keynote or half-day workshop for professionals and business leaders that want to prepare their businesses for tomorrow.

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