EP07 - Between Two Bots with Yakaira Núñez

EP07 - Between Two Bots with Yakaira Núñez
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BTB Episode 7

Welcome to a new episode of the Between Two Bots podcast. In this podcast, we discuss the cultural, technological, and ethical implications of artificial intelligence and AI-based decisions. A discussion that we think is so important to have as it affects us all as our relationship with machines is changing. AI is becoming more and more pervasive and has a bigger impact on our lives and the way we work.

DEI is the acronym for diversity, equity inclusion and this has become very important today, especially when it comes to AI. Very few people actually work at the intersection of DEI and AI. In this episode, though, we have one of the foremost thinkers on both topics.

Yakaira Núñez is the Vice President of Research and Insights at Salesforce. Salesforce has more than 150,000 customers more than 55,000 employees, there really aren't many bigger or more impactful platforms on which to exercise responsible AI coupled with a DEI mindset. The decisions that Kai and her team make influence how software and AI are used literally by hundreds of millions of people every day.

As always, we start our episode by discussing three articles and this week’s articles are:

1. AI Ethics: Enter The Dragon (about China’s proposed AI code of ethics) - https://montrealethics.ai/ai-ethics-enter-the-dragon/

2. AI bias and human rights (about why ethical AI matters) - https://www.ericsson.com/en/blog/2021/11/ai-bias-what-is-it

3. AI researcher says Big Tech is doing it all wrong (about Big Tech’s misaligned incentives) - https://screenrant.com/gebru-ai-big-tech-ethics/

For more information on Kai Núñez: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yakairanunez/

For more information visit https://BetweenTwoBots.com

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