Five Blockchain Trends to Consider

Five Blockchain Trends to Consider
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Five Blockchain Trends for You to Consider this Year

My latest article:

The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly expanding. New blockchains or different consensus mechanisms are announced continuously, resulting in a more mature ecosystem. Blockchain, mainly when used in concert with other technologies, offers organisations an opportunity to rethink their internal and external processes, remove inefficiencies, improve transparency and provenance, and build a better organisation overall. However, the examples of security tokens, hybrid blockchains and Ricardian contracts show that the blockchain ecosystem is continually evolving. To remain up-to-date, here are five blockchain trends to consider this year.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. 5G-connected cows are the new normal.

A herd of Friesian dairy cows are the first to benefit from 5G. They may look like normal cows, but these cows are true internet pioneers. They are enjoying the benefits of 5G connectivity before you. (Reuters)

2. China is cracking down on bitcoin miners.

The Chinese government is done with bitcoin mining, and they could eventually ban it altogether. The Chinese miners have made millions using China’s excess energy. This could come to a dramatic halt now. (Wired)

3. Want to be a public speaker? Train with VR.

For many, speaking in front of a large crowd is a thing of nightmares. To overcome this fear, I happen to personally know that the best thing to do is practice, practice and practice. With a bit of imagination, you can see yourself in front of a large audience. Now, this has become a lot easier thanks to virtual reality. (The New Yorker)


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