The f(x) = e^x | Bias in the metaverse

The f(x) = e^x | Bias in the metaverse
đź‘‹ Hi, I am Mark. I am a strategic futurist and innovation keynote speaker. I advise governments and enterprises on emerging technologies such as AI or the metaverse. My subscribers receive a free weekly newsletter on cutting-edge technology.

Good Day! This is my weekly newsletter, with a dose of insights into the future. The topic of this newsletter is the exponential times we live in, hence the title of f(x) = e^x, which is the (natural) exponential function.

Recently, I launched my new concept The Digital Speaker and you can now book me as an avatar or hologram. And my new website has launched! I am curious to hear your thoughts.!

EP04 - Between Two Bots with David Shrier

My latest podcast:

We have just launched the 4th episode of the Between Two Bots podcast. This week's guest is AI-Futurist David Shrier, CEO and co-founder of Esme Learning.

In this podcast, Dan Turchin and I talk about the future of humanity, society, and government all as seen through the lens of your data, your privacy, and the ethics of AI. This is a conversation we need to be having now. Every week, we are redefining the boundaries between AI ethics, data and ways humans coexist with machines. Listen here each week, to learn from experts who are on the frontlines defining how will work and live for decades ahead. You can watch the episode on Vimeo or YouTube or listen to it on SimpleCast, Spotify or your favourite podcast platform.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Simulating A Virtual World…For A Thousand Years!

Virtual worlds are often static, as in they do not change over time. But what if you could use AI to do so and have nature change as time progresses? (Two Minute Papers)

2. Rohingya sue Facebook for $150bn over hate speech.

Dozens of Rohingya refugees in the UK and US have sued Facebook claiming Facebook's platforms promoted violence against the persecuted minority. (BBC)

3. The metaverse mimics reality when it comes to bias.

The complexities of the real world are starting to bleed into the metaverse, where price differences are emerging based on race and gender. (Bloomberg)

In case you missed it.

Last week, I published my annual trend prediction. 2022 promises to be an exciting year when it comes to technology. We will experience the dawn of the metaverse, and hopefully, we will be able to fix the issues of Web 2.0 and start building a decentralised, user-controlled metaverse. NFTs will play a key role in this upcoming metaverse. They will open new business and financial models, governed by smart contracts instead of financial institutions.

With work becoming more decentralised and geographically distributed, and trustless systems becoming more important, 2022 will be the Year of Decentralisation. Of course, not all systems can be decentralised. The Cambrian Explosion of AI will, even more, require a Zero Trust Architecture as cybercriminals also have access to ever-more sophisticated AI.