The f(x) = e^x | Building the Organisation of Tomorrow

The f(x) = e^x | Building the Organisation of Tomorrow
👋 Hi, I am Mark. I am a strategic futurist and innovation keynote speaker. I advise governments and enterprises on emerging technologies such as AI or the metaverse. My subscribers receive a free weekly newsletter on cutting-edge technology.

Good Day! This is my weekly newsletter, with a dose of insights into the future. The topic of this newsletter is the exponential times we live in, hence the title of f(x) = e^x, which is the (natural) exponential function.

Recently, I launched my new concept The Digital Speaker and you can now book me as an avatar or hologram. Also, my tech trend prediction for 2021 is out, read it here!

How to Build the Organisation of Tomorrow?

My latest article:

Preparing your organisation for tomorrow is a challenge. Digital transformation is difficult as it involves different technologies, stakeholders and processes. Digital transformation has been on the agenda for many organisations. Most of these organisations seem to be struggling with it. Therefore, I have developed a model to help organisations. This model is based on my PhD research and will be discussed in my new book: The Organisation of Tomorrow. However, I am pleased to provide you with a teaser on how this model works. The D2 + A2 model will help your organisation become a data organisation and remain competitive in a fast-changing, digital, world.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Confusing technologies and applications.

It is always interesting when people confuse a fundamental technology (blockchain or DLT) with an application (cryptocurrencies). This article by Roubini and Rosa on why crypto is a fraud reminds me of a time when, in 1995, Clifford Stoll famously predicted that the internet was a ‘fad’. (The Guardian)

2. MIT invests $1 billion in an AI college.

MIT has announced a plan to reshape their academic program for the 21st century. They are investing $1 billion in a new college that will combine various degrees on AI, data science, machine learning and other important areas. (The Verge)

3. Google is building a Chinese version after all.

First, they denied, and now they confirm. Google is indeed building a censored version of their search engine for the Chinese market. Although the search engine will indeed be censored, the search giant states that it will be able to answer over 99% of the queries. (TechCrunch)


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