The f(x) = e^x | ChatGPT disrupting education and playing games with your brain

The f(x) = e^x | ChatGPT disrupting education and playing games with your brain
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ChatGPT is a Paradigm Shift; why Education Should Embrace It

My latest article:

ChatGPT is an advanced AI tool that has disrupted the educational system. Many students use it to outsource their homework, but some educators are trying to ban it. 🙄

Instead of banning this technology, the education industry should embrace it and adapt to the new reality of AI. After all, technology will evolve faster than teachers and educators anticipate, and students will always find new ways to incorporate the latest technologies.

The traditional method of teaching children in a classroom is no longer sufficient in today's world. It's time to change how and what we teach, unlock the full potential of technology in the classroom, and prepare our children for their digital future.

Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Underwater internet is now a reality 🤿

An AI-powered network allows for remote monitoring of the ancient Roman resort town Baiae, submerged beneath the Mediterranean. Tourists can now chat and view 3D reconstructions of ruins via smart tablets while swimming. Who needs a heated spa when you have underwater Wi-Fi? (MIT)

2. Out of all countries, China could lead in fighting deepfakes.

Deepfake technology, used to create digital forgeries, is spreading rapidly with little regulation. China is attempting to change that with new rules but faces challenges catching anonymous abusers and concerns about censorship. As countries debate how to handle deepfakes, China's actions could set the tone for global regulation. (NY Times $)

3. Did we hit the jackpot of frozen treats in the universe? 🧊

James Webb Space Telescope has found the coldest ice in the universe, and it's filled with the building blocks of life! The molecular cloud is located in a "nursery" for stars and planets 500 light-years away, including potentially habitable ones like Earth. Time to pack a coat and stargaze! (LiveScience)

4. Forget VR; you can now play games with your thoughts! 🤯

Twitch stream Perri Karyal hooked up an EEG to her brain and started playing Elden Ring, a 2022 action role-playing game, and it is next-level insane! (Twitter)

🌍 We are still failing... Al Gore's answer at the WEF is a must-watch. 👇

Throughout history, societies that have not been able to adapt to a changing environment because the powers that be (in this case, the oil & gas companies) did all they could to prevent change collapsed. It is time to act 🍀

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