The f(x)=e^x | ClimateTech & crypto's resilient stars!

The f(x)=e^x | ClimateTech & crypto's resilient stars!
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ChatGPT's joke of the week:

Why was the AI so concerned about climate change?
It wanted to avoid a "neural meltdown"!

ClimateTech: How to Unlock Net Zero with Your Business

My latest article:

As climate change continues to impact our world, Climate Tech is here to save the day! These ground-breaking innovations, from smart grids and renewable energy to carbon capture and electric vehicles, are unlocking the path to net-zero emissions.

But guess what? Embracing net zero isn't just about saving the planet; it's also a game-changer for businesses. Striving for Net Zero can save your company money, boost public image, and skyrocket employee engagement. It's time for businesses to seize this momentous opportunity!

And let's not forget the power of AI! By optimising energy use and reducing waste, artificial intelligence is fuelling ClimateTech's mission to create a more sustainable future for all.

So, let's take ownership of our future and use ClimateTech to achieve net zero.

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Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. From AI halt advocate to ChatGPT rival creator in two weeks.

Elon Musk, who, only a few weeks ago, called for an industry-wide halt to AI training, now seems to be plunging headfirst into the deep end of the AI pool. Under Musk's guidance, Twitter is reportedly building a ChatGPT rival, spending tens of millions on ~10,000 GPUs and hiring AI talent from DeepMind. (Tom's Hardware)

2. Text-to-VR is now a reality.

With just a few words like "A person walks, stops, and waves," we can now conjure up lifelike 3D avatars that dance to our whims! An automated system works its magic, transforming basic bone animations into fully-realized 3D characters. The action may be simple, but the possibilities are truly endless. (LinkedIn)

3. Reality bites: AR's metaverse marketing magic.

The metaverse might not be here in its full "Ready Player One" glory, but its more practical cousin, the "real-world metaverse," is showing its face—and marketers are taking notice. The hype train took a detour, and now brands are focusing on augmented reality (AR) to enhance real-world experiences instead of disconnecting users from reality. (The Drum)

4. Fortune's Crypto 40: blockchain's resilient stars.

Despite a tough year, the crypto industry matured, attracting talent and quality companies. Fortune's inaugural Crypto 40 list recognises diverse blockchain-based businesses building enduring digital foundations amid adversity. (Fortune)

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