How Facial Recognition Will Change Society

How Facial Recognition Will Change Society
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Seen and Be Seen: How Facial Recognition Will Change Society

My latest article:

With the number of cameras drastically increasing in our world, facial recognition is rapidly taking flight. Facial recognition is a biometric faceprint, where artificial intelligence maps an individual’s face mathematically. Facial recognition has tremendous potential for society. It could make our lives a lot easier and our processes more seamless. However, there is a huge downside to this technology if the data of your face is not protected sufficiently. One thing is clear; facial recognition will completely change our society in the coming decade.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. China uses AI in prisons to make escape impossible.

Being in prison has never been fun, and it is not meant to be. But China is going one step further to ensure prison will not be fun. They are building a smart jail full of smart surveillance cameras that will monitor prisoners’ every move as well as their emotions. (NDTV)

2. Cloning your voice has become easy.

It takes just 3.7 seconds for AI to clone your voice. Only a year ago, achieving this still required 30 minutes. Now, Baidu has advanced voice recognition AI so far that a few seconds is enough to clone your voice. Although impressive, it is also scary. (Vice)

3. Super AI to save humanity.

OpenAI is a serious company when it comes to AI development. In the past years, they have made remarkable progress when it comes to AI development. Now, they have set themselves the goal to develop safe super AI to save humanity. An ambitious objective. (Wired)


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