Guaranteeing Vibrancy in an Open Metaverse with Ryan Gill - Step into the Metaverse podcast: EP12

Guaranteeing Vibrancy in an Open Metaverse with Ryan Gill - Step into the Metaverse podcast: EP12
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In this episode of the Step into the Metaverse podcast, I interviewed Ryan Gill, the Founder of the Open Meta DAO, a community that supports the delivery of the products, experiences, services, best practices, and tools that will make the Open Metaverse a reality.

Ryan is also the Founder of Crucible, a company that is working to create the universal open infrastructure that joins the worlds and economies of many talented game developers, web developers and artists so that can easily access new decentralized web technologies such as DeFi or NFTs, and networks of players and marketplaces where users are spending billions. He is also a venture partner at Outlier Ventures.

Ryan Gill is an innovator who is constantly looking out for new trends. Being a neo-polymath, his knowledge and discipline cover many fields, from finance, and blockchain, to technology.

Prior to starting Crucible, Ryan was in the Los Angeles Venture Capital and Startup world, where he built companies with high-profile partners and made a living translating between founders and investors.

He comes on to talk to us about the open metaverse and what it will take to get there. He will also share his knowledgeable insights on the role of NFTs in decentralized finance, what kind of new business models we can expect in the metaverse, and so much more. Stay tuned!


  • [01:14] - Spending a decade in innovation and shifting into everything metaverse.
  • [04:18] - Designing and inventing simplified Web3 tools for game developers.
  • [05:07] - What we get when the internet is built by game developers.
  • [06:08] - Steps that must be taken to build an open metaverse.
  • [10:30] - How NFTs will impact decentralized finance.
  • [11:48] - Direct-to-avatar business models: How they will change different industries.
  • [17:05] - Going about moving brands from Web2 to Web3 seamlessly.
  • [19:39] - Breeding vibrancy in the metaverse and the ethical challenges that will come with it.
  • [25:34] - Prioritizing mental health and emotional intelligence as we build the metaverse.

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“Conceptually and symbolically, the metaverse is the internet when it’s built by game developers” - Ryan Gill
“Web3 can only come through decentralization” - Ryan Gill
“The metaverse is inevitable. We’re matching towards it” - Ryan Gill
“The term NFTs will probably fall to the background a little bit more. Its significance is owning digital things” - Ryan Gill
“The most interesting things will happen in environments that reward the people who create them” - Ryan Gill
“Right now, screen time is being optimized, but it is destroying our mental health” - Ryan Gill

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Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

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