How Security Tokens Could Change Liquidity

How Security Tokens Could Change Liquidity
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How Security Tokens Could Change Liquidity and Transform the World’s Economy

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Traditionally, assets such as real estate, collectables and art have been relatively illiquid. Even if you decide to sell today and have a buyer, it can take weeks or months before you have your money. Security tokens promise to change this completely. Tokenising illiquid assets allows investors to sell their assets at any given moment. This would require investors to completely rethink their portfolio. Once security tokens become the new norm, trillions of dollars stuck in illiquid assets can become liquid. That would have a major effect on the world economy. However, for this to happen, we first need to develop the required security token infrastructure.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

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1. Blockchain can prevent you from bribing your government.

Overstock CEO and the Chairman of tZero, Patrick Byrne, thinks that blockchain can make governments super efficient and impossible to bribe. Byrne claims that he could fix the Venezuelan government with six laptops and turn it into the most advanced government in the world. (MarketWatch)

2. Could Quantum computing kill blockchain?

The advent of quantum computing offers tremendous opportunities and threats. Quantum computing will eat encryption for breakfast and a recently published paper in Nature magazine suggests that quantum computing could break blockchain encryption within a decade. (CIOReview)

3. Will Robots keep our inflation down?

Robots and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change our global economy and one of the victims of robots and AI could be high inflation. How will AI keep our prices low? (MarketWatch)


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