ICOs and a 600-year old manuscript

ICOs and a 600-year old manuscript
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Why Telegram’s Upcoming ICO Could be a Paradigm Shift for the Crypto World

My latest article:

A few weeks ago, the Telegram white paper leaked. The white paper discusses Telegram’s plans to build a decentralised ecosystem, launch a variety of Blockchain services and, of course, the Telegram Open Network comes with their own cryptocurrency called Gram. Apparently, they plan to raise over a $1 billion in their ICO. If they launch an ICO that complies with regulation and if they prepare their ICO as meticulously as an IPO, they have a good chance to become very successful and become the example of how to do an ICO correctly.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Fusing quantum computing and machine learning.

Both quantum computing and machine learning are exciting areas that are developing rapidly, but both were never obvious they would work. But when the two converge, truly amazing things could happen. (Quanta)

2. Could AI Have Cracked a 600-Year-Old Voynich Manuscript?

The 240-page Voynich manuscript has baffled linguists for decades due to the seemingly coded language and inscrutable illustrations. Until now, as researchers have turned to AI to decipher the manuscript. Even better, this AI can now also be used to decode other ancient scripts. (Gizmodo)

3. The future of VR, what to expect in 2019.

VR headsets are becoming increasingly advanced and during CES this year, the future of VR headsets was shown. So, in 2019 you can expect super high resolution, advanced eye tracking and many more features that will dramatically improve your VR experience. (VentureBeat)