Real-Time Analytics and the Internet of Things are a Perfect Match

Real-Time Analytics and the Internet of Things are a Perfect Match
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The Internet of Things is here and is here to stay. With billions of devices already connected and another trillion coming our way in the next decade, organizations should prepare themselves for a data flood. A data flood that can generate real-time insights in how the organization is performing. Using a plethora of data sources, such as smart meters, in-store sensors, medical devices, automotive sensors and wearables, organization can start to optimize their business.

According a recent customer survey by Vitria, that is exactly what a lot of the organizations surveyed are already doing. The executives across the enterprise, consumer and industrial sectors see massive opportunity with real-time Big Data analytics to drive business outcomes for their Internet of Things initiatives. In fact, 48% of the companies surveyed are already actively working on a real-time analytics project for the Internet of Things. Internet of Things analytics is seen as a core investment strategy and predictive maintenance is the leading business need for these organizations.
Real-time analytics for Internet of Things projects is rapidly becoming mainstream and according to the survey; it is becoming a strategic area for investments. Analysing the data streams in real-time can be seen as a requirement for organizations to become successful with IoT projects, since the data will be generated at high velocity. Especially the predictive insights that can be generated with real-time analytics are very valuable to organizations, as can be read from the below infographic. The Internet of Things is just getting started, but the below information offers interesting insights in what can be expected when the Internet of Things becomes mainstream.

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Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

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