Robots, nuclear fusion and blockchain for supply chains

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Why Blockchain is Quickly Becoming the Gold Standard for Supply Chains

My latest article:

Global supply chains are complex processes. Different companies, with distinctive objectives, are working together to achieve a common goal; to bring something from A to B. Knowing the amount of paperwork required to send a product from farm to plate, it is remarkable that we have managed to develop global supply chains. However, with the advance of blockchain technology, these supply chains can now be brought to the next level. Thanks to distributed ledger technologies, we can create supply chains that are resilient, transparent and effective, enabling trustless transactions among industry partners.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. The robots are taking over.

We always knew the robots were coming, but now they can also unlock our phones by mimicking our fingerprints. Great. Researchers from the New York University have developed a neural network that can create AI fingerprints to unlock your devices. (FastCompany)

2. China has built an ‘artificial sun’.

Researchers from China’s Hefei Institutes of Physical Science have developed a reactor that is designed to replicate the process our natural Sun uses to generate energy. This week it reached a new milestone by reaching temperatures of 100 million degrees, six times hotter than our sun. This is a major milestone in reaching nuclear fusion. (WEF)

3. Is Amazon building a robot for your home?

Amazon has started to hire new employees for a secret device in a similar way that Amazon hired staff to develop Alexa. Speculations are that the e-commerce giant is building a robot for the home. (Telegraph)


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