How to Trust Each Other in a Post-Truth World

In a world increasingly influenced by Generative AI, deepfakes, and manipulated news, distinguishing truth becomes a complex maze. We need to learn comprehensive strategies to rebuild trust in a digitally deceptive world

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Ensuring a Thriving Digital Future in a Post-Truth World

In a groundbreaking TED talk, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam addresses the post-truth world shaped by AI, deepfakes, and ChatGPT. He outlines a three-tier approach - Education, Verification, and Regulation - to navigate and thrive in this new era, drawing from his experience as an optimistic dystopian.

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How Generative AI Will Reshape Enterprise Operations

The integration of generative AI is enabling businesses to unlock vast reservoirs of data, engage employees conversationally, reduce information silos and automate workflows. However, responsible development minimising risks around bias and over-automation remains vital.

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