15 May 2020

The Data Organisation is Here to Stay, and Organisations are Finally Aware of It

If there is one thing that this Corona crisis has made clear, every organisation needs to digitally transform their business as soon as possible. Digital is here to stay, and organisations are finally aware of it. Covid-19 enabled in days what organisations used to take years: enabling employees to work

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14 Nov 2019

Why the Organisation of Tomorrow comes with Great Responsibility

The organisation of tomorrow [https://www.thedigitalspeaker.com/the-organisation-of-tomorrow/] will be built around data using emerging technologies. Big data analytics empowers consumers and employees. This will result in real-time decision making and a better understanding of the changing environment. Blockchain enables peer-to-peer collaboration and trustless interactions governed by cryptography and

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The Organisation of Tomorrow – Available Now!

Earlier this year, I completed my PhD at the University of Technology Sydney. My research focused on how do emerging information technologies change the interaction of organisations and technologies. The title of my research was: Sociomateriality in the age of Emerging Information Technologies: How big data analytics, blockchain and artificial

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