08 Jun 2022

What are the Dangers of the Metaverse?

Technology is neutral. It can bring prosperity to humanity or bring pain and destruction to society. The metaverse will not be any different. We can expect any of the crimes committed in the real world to take place, and potentially explode, on the immersive internet.

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16 Apr 2020

Mass Hysteria Surrounds COVID-19 Tracking Apps, and We Are Sleepwalking to State Surveillance

The world is in crisis, and whenever a crisis occurs, drastic measures could be taken by those involved. In this particular case, the Coronavirus has the entire world in its grip and governments around the world are struggling to contain the health and economic effects of the virus. The lockdown

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26 Apr 2013

Why Big Data Privacy Will Be Self-Regulating

Big data privacy results in heated debates regarding consumers' privacy. Companies will have to adopt ethical guidelines or face bankruptcy.

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09 Apr 2013

The Great Sensor-Era: Brontobytes Will Change Society

The ‘Technology-impact-cycle’ helps to understand the impact of technologies, such as the impact Big Data, on organisations, the economy and society.

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27 Mar 2013

In The World of Big Data, Nothing Is For Free

In the world of Big Data only more and more data will be collected and these data will pay for the 'free' services that are offered online.

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11 Mar 2013

Big Data Ethics: 4 Guidelines To Follow By Organisations

When you embrace big data privacy, your customers will embrace you. Ignore these Big Data Ethics and your customers will eventually ignore you.

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20 Feb 2013

Big Data Becomes Big Brother; Will Privacy Be The First Casualty Of Big Data?

Big Data has many advantages and it will change the way we live, but it is important to understand and be aware of the effects on privacy.

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11 Feb 2013

The Re-Identification Of Anonymous People With Big Data

With public datasets becoming available, could the re-identification of anonymous people pose a real threat to the use of big data?

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01 Feb 2013

Big Data Ownership - Who Owns Your Data?

Big Data Ownership is a topic that will drive a lot of debate. Who owns your social network data, your comments or your purchasing information?

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