Synthetic Minds | From Science Fiction to Science Reality

This week’s Synthetic Minds podcast features a riveting dialogue with Karl Schroeder about science fiction's role in understanding and navigating future technologies. I also discuss AI's impact on various sectors, revolutionary battery technology, and the emergence of AI-powered scams.

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Synthetic Minds | Gen AI Threats and the Rise of Humanoids

This week’s Synthetic Minds delves into pressing AI themes, from the cybersecurity perils posed by GenAI to the ascent of humanoid robots. We examine Google's AI monetization, NeuroAI's potential, boardroom AI ethics, global AI diplomacy, and the pragmatic rise of human-like machines.

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Synthetic Minds: Securing Our Future

This week's Synthetic Minds covers groundbreaking developments: UN's AI resolution, Neuralink transforming disabilities, China's crossroads, humanoids' industrial invasion, and the seismic impact of quantum computing on encryption. Enjoy!

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