Technical Requirements to Make the Metaverse Possible with Jerry Heinz - Step into the Metaverse Podcast: EP05

Technical Requirements to Make the Metaverse Possible with Jerry Heinz - Step into the Metaverse Podcast: EP05
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In this episode of the Step into the Metaverse Podcast, I had a chat with Jerry Heinz, the Executive Vice President Global Publishing Platform at Genvid Holdings Inc., a company that is delivering a brand-new form of entertainment combining the best of traditional storytelling with the immersion and interaction of video games. Genvid calls that category Massively Interactive Live Events (MILEs). Jerry is a thought leader in cloud gaming, beginning his career in network protocol design for multimedia data transport over low-bandwidth networks. He brought GPUs to the cloud, launched the first cloud GPU-based servers in AWS, and holds multiple patents in the space.

His desire to play any game on any screen, without the limits of hardware, led him to launch Amazon Test Drive, Amazon AppStream, and games on Fire TV. Because he believed that game streaming and related interactive experiences were fundamentally hardware problems, he moved to NVIDIA and built the infrastructure that supports their GeForce NOW service and their AI cloud data centres.

He is the previous CTO of ActZero, where he led all engineering and drove the company's Research and Development efforts in its evolution as an AI-powered cybersecurity service provider. Join Jerry and me, as we discuss the technical requirements to make the metaverse possible, the companies building the hardware required for it, how to scale the hardware to make immersive events with hundreds of thousands of people in the room possible, and so much more. Enjoy!


  • [01:11] - How to make the metaverse possible from a technical perspective.
  • [04:47] - Companies that are building hardware that will help build the metaverse.
  • [07:28] - Why the open-source community will be important for the metaverse.
  • [09:22] - Hedging the metaverse from cybercrime.
  • [15:04] - Open metaverse Vs Closed metaverse, and the role of blockchain and distributed ledger technology.


“Cyber insurance and cyber security as it exists today will need to continue to be involved for the metaverse to work” - Jerry Heinz
“It’s not hard to imagine a world where different virtual worlds all have their own cryptocurrency, but the difference is that there will be some sort of currency changer” - Jerry Heinz
“We will have real virtual property and that’s going to need the same level of protection as our actual world counterparts” - Jerry Heinz

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Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

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