The Organisation of Tomorrow – Available Soon!

The Organisation of Tomorrow – Available Soon!
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On March 18, 2019, I was notified by the University of Technology Sydney that I had officially completed my PhD (yay!). As a result, I now hold a PhD in management. During my PhD, I researched how emerging information technologies such as big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence, challenge organisation design and strategic management, and bring the role of data in organising to the fore.

Big data analytics empower consumers and employees, resulting in open strategy and a better understanding of the changing environment. Blockchain enables peer-to-peer collaboration and trustless interactions. And, AI facilitates new and different levels of involvement among human and artificial actors.

From these interactions and responses, new modes of organising are emerging, where technology facilitates collaboration between stakeholders and where human-to-human interactions are increasingly replaced with human-to-machine and even machine-to-machine interactions.

My New Book: The Organisation of Tomorrow

As a result, emerging technologies change organisations as we know them. Organisations that want to remain competitive in this changing environment need to anticipate shifting behaviours of stakeholders and technologies. To help organisations address the challenges of the exponential times we live in, I turned my PhD dissertation into an easy-to-read and digest management book.

This book offers organisations a blueprint for how to adapt to these rapidly changing times by introducing a new model, the D2 + A2 model. This model, based on my research, offers organisations a new approach to turn their existing business into a data organisation. It will help organisations to be ready for the data-driven and exponentially-changing society that is upon us.

The D2+A2 model

The Organisation of Tomorrow presents a new model of doing business and explains how big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence force us to rethink existing business models and develop organisations that will be ready for human-machine interactions. It also asks us to consider the impacts of these emerging information technologies on people and society.

Why Would This Book Be Useful for You?

Organisations in the not-too-distant future will unavoidably be involved in numerous interactions among humans and machines. This will lead to complex strategies and unexpected technical, ethical and social implications.

In the book, I will offer dozens of examples of industry leaders such as Walmart, Telstra, Alibaba, Kaeser Compressors and Microsoft, to explain how big data analytics, blockchain and artificial intelligence force us to rethink existing business models. This will help develop organisations that will be ready for human-machine interactions.

The book will offer governments, professional services, manufacturing, finance, retail and other industries a clear approach for how to develop products and services that are ready for the 21st century. I believe it is a must-read for every organisation that wants to remain competitive in our fast-changing world.

Endorsements for The Organisation of Tomorrow

I have been fortunate to have received already multiple endorsements for my book. You can read all 11 endorsements here, but here are some examples:

“In this brilliant and extensive work, The Organisation of Tomorrow, Mark van Rijmenam dives deeply into the rapidly changing nature of organisations and the radically evolving notions of work in the 21st century.” – Dr. Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton
“Mark van Rijmenam has written a superb executive guide to data, blockchain, and AI. The book presents hundreds of concrete examples to explain the actions that business leaders must take to remain relevant in today’s dynamic environment. This book is meticulously crafted and researched; It rewards the reader with insight, practical advice, and greater understanding.” – Michael Krigsman – Industry Analyst and host of CXOTalk
“In this book, Mark takes us onto an in-depth and exciting journey on how organisations, our economy and society are transforming today. A must read for anyone with an ambition to stay relevant and profitable!” – Stephan Janssens – Organizational Transformation & Blockchain Strategist
“In The Organisation of Tomorrow, Mark van Rijmenam maps the landscape of today’s most disruptive technologies and presents a clear-eyed and actionable roadmap for putting data at the very heart of every strategic decision your company makes. If you’re looking for a compelling, practical guide to your own organisation’s future, there’s no better step to take than reading this book today.” – Greg Verdino – Digital Transformation Advisor & Global Keynote Speaker
“An intriguing and thoughtful introduction to the current technologies and their applications which are already having a profound impact upon companies, staff, and consumers alike. The future is set to change in dramatic ways, and The Organisation of Tomorrow will put you a step ahead.” – Josh Ziegler – CEO, Zumata

Final Words

As mentioned, this book is the result of my PhD. Undertaking a PhD is a journey. It is an intellectual journey, where you are being challenged and stretched intellectually. I would like to thank Jochen Schweitzer – my principal supervisor – as well as Mary-Anne Williams and Danielle Logue – my co-supervisors – for supporting me in this intellectual journey. Turning my academic dissertation into an easily digestible book turned out to be a journey in itself. Hopefully, my new book will help you on your journey to transform your organisation.

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Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is a strategic futurist known as The Digital Speaker. He stands at the forefront of the digital age and lives and breathes cutting-edge technologies to inspire Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. As an optimistic dystopian, he has a deep understanding of AI, blockchain, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies, and he blends academic rigour with technological innovation.

His pioneering efforts include the world’s first TEDx Talk in VR in 2020. In 2023, he further pushed boundaries when he delivered a TEDx talk in Athens with his digital twin , delving into the complex interplay of AI and our perception of reality. In 2024, he launched a digital twin of himself offering interactive, on-demand conversations via text, audio or video in 29 languages, thereby bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds – another world’s first.

As a distinguished 5-time author and corporate educator, Dr Van Rijmenam is celebrated for his candid, independent, and balanced insights. He is also the founder of Futurwise , which focuses on elevating global digital awareness for a responsible and thriving digital future.