The rise of the Chief Information Security Officer

The rise of the Chief Information Security Officer
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5 Qualities Your Next Chief Information Security Officer Should Have

My latest article:

In a world where dataism has become the new normal for organisations, security has become a high priority. Or at least, it should be a top priority for organisations. Unfortunately, protecting your organisations from (would be) hackers is difficult. This is why organisations should hire a Chief Information Security Officer, who oversees implementing an information security environment focused on prevention, detection and response of criminal activities within your networks.​

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. The first gene-edited babies have been born.

A Chinese researcher claims to have helped to make the world’s first CRISPR babies. According to the researchers, they changed the embryos of seven couples during fertility treatments. One of the couples gave birth to twin girls. If true, it is a giant leap forward in ethics and science. (AP)

2. Touchdown on Mars!

After 205 days of travelling and seven terrifying minutes through Mars’ atmosphere, the Mars lander InSight has landed on our neighbour planet. There, the robot will research the ground, delving up to 5 meters beneath the surface. (

3. Is Musk going to Mars as well? A 70% chance.

Not only robots want to go to Mars. As we all know, also Musk has big plans to go to Mars. Now, for the first time, he mused the idea of moving to Mars, a one-way trip. He expects it is a chance of 70% that he would actually go, thanks to recent breakthroughs in technology. (Engadget)