What if dogs could talk to humans?

What if dogs could talk to humans?
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How Blockchain Proxy-Voting Improves Shareholder Engagement

My latest article:

Corporate governance controls how public companies behave. The objective of corporate governance is to ensure that the agent (the management of an organisation) behaves as intended by the principal (the shareholders). To achieve that, there are multiple systems in place, one being the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where shareholders vote on proposals put forward by the management (or other shareholders). However, there are multiple problems with (proxy) voting during AGMs, including the lack of transparency, information asymmetries, and the high costs involved with voting mechanisms. There is a need for a new solution, and blockchain, being an immutable, verifiable and traceable record of data, could offer such a solution.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. What if dogs could talk to humans?

Imagine your dog would talk to you and ask when you would finally take him for a walk, or that it is about time to give him some food. If it is up to researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology this is not a far-fetched scenario. Using nose-activated vests and touchscreens they are training talks to talk to humans. (Wired)

2. Reconstructing ancient games with AI.

Games are used to train AI, but this time, researchers used AI to reconstruct ancient games. Thanks to reinforcement learning, they figured out the rules of ancient board games. (Atlas Obscura)

3. Feeling hungry? Order a pizza made by a robot.

Robots are taking over our jobs is often heard, but if it is up to secretive Seattle startup Picnic, pizza bakers should fear for their job. They have developed a system that assembles custom pizzas with little human intervention. It can deliver 300 pizzas per hours, but humans still win when it comes to quality. (GeekWire)


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