You can now buy Spot, the robot dog!

You can now buy Spot, the robot dog!
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The GPT-3 Model: What Does It Mean for Chatbots and Customer Service?

My latest article:

OpenAI just released the GPT-3, a new generative language model that is bigger than GPT-2 by orders of magnitude. The largest version of the GPT-3 model has 175 billion parameters, more than 100 times the 1.5 billion parameters of GPT-2. (For reference, the number of neurons in the human brain is usually estimated as 85 billion to 120 billion)

Just like its predecessor GPT-2, GPT-3 was trained on a simple task: given the previous words in a text, predict the next word. This required the model to consume very large datasets of Internet text, such as Common Crawl and Wikipedia, totaling 499 billion tokens (i.e. words and numbers).

But how does GPT-3 work under the hood? Is it really a major step up from GPT-2? And what are the possible implications and applications of the GPT-3 model?

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. The Rise of Digitalism

The rise of digitalism is unstoppable. However, as citizens, we still stand a chance to build a society that is there for us and not for corporations or dictatorial leaders. An edited version of my recent article just appeared on Maize. (Maize)

2. Editing human embryos is difficult.

Scientists have started testing editing human embryos and it turned out to be a disaster. Around half of the edited embryos had unintended edits. (OneZero)

3. Do you want to buy Spot, the robot dog? Now you can!

For the price of a Tesla Model S, you can now buy Boston Dynamics' robot dog Spot. If you are a US firm, you can get your own artificial dog for only $74.500 (The Verge)