5 blockchain breakthroughs coming in the next 5 years

5 blockchain breakthroughs coming in the next 5 years
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The Importance of Balance and Intelligent Spend in the Organisation of Tomorrow

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Today is the slowest business will ever run. In today’s world, it is the small companies that beat the large enterprises with speed and agility. However, speed and agility alone are not sufficient to win in a competitive market. You also need a balanced ecosystem, an excellent customer experience, lots of data and the right artificial intelligence to develop an intelligent enterprise. Intelligent spend management is one area of the intelligent enterprise, but one that can help drive cost savings, increase sustainability, protect the brand and drive significant value.

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1. 5 blockchain breakthroughs to expect soon.

Blockchain is a key technology, changing our society drastically in the coming years. But what are the five blockchain breakthroughs that we can expect in the coming five years? Think of non-fungible tokens, security tokens and more. (Singularity Hub)

2. Target develops open-source blockchain for food tracking.

The US-based retail giant Target is the next retail company that sees the value of blockchain-based provenance for their products. The open source platform, called ConsenSource, is made using Hyperledger Sawtooth. Target already ran some pilots to certify its paper products in 2018, and this is a next step forward. (Cointelegraph)

3. Looking for an exotic holiday? The ISS is open for business.

NASA has opened the International Space Station for space tourism and commercial ventures. A stay in the ISS will cost $35,000 a night and companies will have to pay for training and launches themselves. Private astronauts can stay up to 30 days. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen! (NASA)


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