Blockchain will change travelling

Blockchain will change travelling
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5 Ways How Blockchain Will Change the Travel Industry

My latest article:

Blockchain is ready to change the travel industry. The myriad of companies that are involved in a single customer’s travel plans is one of the main reasons why many people are excited about how blockchain can transform this industry. Blockchain can help to improve the travel experience by letting customers interact directly with service providers, enable track-and-trace of luggage, improve loyalty schemes and speedup insurance settlements. These processes are already underway, with multinational corporations and technology startups developing blockchain solutions across a range of industry use cases.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. The world's largest AI chip is here!

Cerebras Systems has created a new AI chip that beats all existing chips. Some stats: 400.000 cores; 1.2 trillion transistors; 57 times bigger than NVIDIA's largest GPU and 18 gigabytes of high-speed onboard memory. (BBC)

2. Blockchain and the NBA; a winning combination?

The Dallas Mavericks is the second team, after the Sacramento Kings, to accept Bitcoin payments for tickets and merchandise. Apart from accepting crypto payments, basketball teams are exploring other options of blockchain, including perhaps creating their own coin. (Forbes)

3. Time to relax: put on your VR headset and enjoy the spa.

Bespoke VR experiences are popping up everywhere. A natural experience is to offer users a relaxing spa experience from the comfort of their home. Using technology, you can escape from the real world to a tropical island, and even feel the heat of the sun, all while a high-end massage chair is relaxing your body. (Forbes)