The f(x) = e^x | the global war on talent and robots

The f(x) = e^x | the global war on talent and robots
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Good Day! This is my weekly newsletter, with a dose of insights into the future. The topic of this newsletter is the exponential times we live in, hence the title of f(x) = e^x, which is the (natural) exponential function.

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The War on Talent: How Tech Will Change How We Hire

My latest article:

The war on talent is heating up. The seismic shifts in the hiring market have rocked our world, as automation, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies disrupt every industry over the next decade, including the recruitment process.

Anyone who has gone through the recruiting process knows that it's not easy. It's time-consuming, and you never really know if you'll find the right person until they show up for an interview (if they show up at all). It is a process that has been around for a long time and will likely be around for a long time.

However, there are changes on the horizon: the metaverse, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will likely change the way we hire in the near future. Successful companies will be those that use technology to streamline the hiring process and find the best possible talent for their organisation, from anywhere, with the help of the latest technologies.

Three Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Walmart will make you feel old.

Walmart and Roblox, an online gaming platform, announced that they are releasing two virtual reality experiences. Walmart’s virtual world debut will include a blimp that drops toys, a music festival with hot artists, games for customers to play, and merchandise from the retail giant's real-world stores. (TechCrunch)

2. Meet Chippy, Chipotle's tortilla-making robot.

Miso Robotics, a startup that makes kitchen assistants, announced on Tuesday that it will test its first commercial product next month in the burrito restaurant in Fountain Valley, California. Chipotle has tested Chippy’s ability to make and season its tortilla chips with salt and lime. (CNBC)

3. Amazon set to replace all human hands with robots.

A new "pinch-grasping" robot system could one day perform many of the same functions humans do in Amazon warehouses today, potentially enabling workers to focus on more complex tasks. (Vox)

Quantum technology reaches new milestones.

Researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology have developed a technique that allows them to control quantum states of light in a three-dimensional cavity. The researchers observed two novel quantum phases: previously known and sought-after cubic phases. This achievement is an important step toward efficient error correction in quantum computers (