The f(x)=e^x | How AI is changing biology, movies and the internet.

The f(x)=e^x | How AI is changing biology, movies and the internet.
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Claude 2's joke of the week:

AI's creating super-antibodies, biohackers are enhancing biology, but that same AI is ruining the internet with spam bots and bogus info! What a time to be alive!

The Dawning of Biohacking 2.0: Augmenting Our Biology

My latest article:

Biohacking is entering a groundbreaking new phase - called Biohacking 2.0 - that promises to reshape human abilities through custom biological enhancements. Powerful technologies like artificial intelligence, genetics, and synthetic biology are converging to propel biohacking into exhilarating new territories.

Biohacking's influence extends to the core of business models. Companies may pivot towards offering bio-augmentation services, personalised health monitoring, and biofeedback solutions.

However, collecting health data from biohacking tools necessitates robust cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive information. As biotech advancements disrupt traditional industries, companies will need to adapt and innovate to seize the opportunities of this new frontier.

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Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. AI crafts super-antibodies beyond human imagination.

An AI startup cooks up radical new super-antibodies in its robot-run lab that are beyond what human scientists could imagine. These souped-up immune cells promise more powerful disease treatments with fewer side effects for patients. (Wired)

2. How AI is trashing the internet.

AI bots and content generators are flooding sites with spam, scams, and bogus info, making it a nightmare to navigate the web - bizarre captchas and community havoc are just the start as machines take over. (Business Insider)

3. Why truth and transparency are vital with generative AI.

You might have seen the video with a Sudanese Barbie holding a gun or the German Barbie in an SS uniform by London Interdisciplinary School (see here) from a now-deleted article on Buzzfeed. It appears the truth is 'slightly' different than what they suggest... (Marketing Report)

4. Safeguarding the metaverse from digital dangers.

As the metaverse lures us into its virtual realm, cybersecurity must lockdown defences against digital dangers to safeguard our data and assets from getting plundered by cyber villains. (MakeUseOf_)

AI filmmaker creates a short film in 8 hours.

An amateur director crafted a sci-fi saga in days using AI tools like Midjourney and Runway to generate the visuals and voiceover. This is just the beginning. I predict that within five years, a movie startup will create a Hollywood blockbuster entirely with AI - metahuman actors, a hyper-realistic digital environment and a script written in collaboration with AI. The move will cost <$1 million to create and will get a return of >$1 billion.

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