How Big Data Helps Bar Owners Sell More Beer

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Like any industry, the FMCG industry can leverage the enormous potential of Big Data analytics. With each product, massive amounts of data are generated ranging from data in the production process to consumer generated data. One of those products is beer. It may be obvious that large multinationals use Big Data analytics to discover new insights, such as Heineken for example. Heineken is using Big Data in several way, ranging from knowing where in a Walmart store a sixpack was picked-up, to smart social media campaign and a smart beer bottle that dances on the rhythm of the music at parties. But Big Data has also become available for the smaller companies and even for the local bar owner.

The local bar owner can now start using data generated by serving beer and this data reveals great insights and drives profit for the bar. Sensor in the brewing equipment generates all sorts of data and this data is transmitted via WiFi to a computer that analyses all the data in real-time. The data is then visualized on an App that can be used by the bar owner. This helps to cut waste and boost profit.

The algorithm analyses which beer should be on a discount and at what period, resulting in an increased profit of up to 80%. The product is developed by an Israeli startup called Weissbeerger. They collect vast amounts of beer-related data that helps the bar owner sell more beer and making more profit. Insights derived from all that beer data includes for example understanding which brands are more popular on what dates and what the timings are that the most beer is consumed on any given day. It also revealed that for example larger beers are drunk more often in the beginning of the evening and strong ales typically later at night.

Such insights help the bar owner to better anticipate on what his/her guests are looking for, resulting in happier customers and more profit. This video made by Bloomberg, reveals how English pub owners benefit from these insights.

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Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

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