Blockchain: Transforming your Business and Our World

Blockchain: Transforming your Business and Our World
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A few weeks ago, I spoke at the Global Blockchain Conference in Kuala Lumpur and at Windays 2018 in Porec, Croatia and I had some very interesting discussions with the participants on the enormous potential of Blockchain for business. Blockchain has a lot of potential for organisations to improve their bottom line, but it also offers an opportunity to improve the state of our world. Currently, however, the focus is predominantly on how blockchain can be used in the financial world or how cryptocurrencies are used by criminals. This is a shame because blockchain has so much more to offer.

That is why Dr. Philippa Ryan and I have written a book on how Blockchain can be used for social good. Our book, Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World, will be published in August in English and soon after in Chinese. As a little teaser, you can find the abstract of our book here, and if you are interested to be notified when the book is available, you can subscribe to my newsletter, the f(x) = e^x, here.

Abstract: Blockchain – Transforming Your Business and Our World

Blockchain is growing in importance. Increasingly, organisations are exploring what this revolutionary technology can mean for their business. Marc Andreessen, from the well-known venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, calls it as big an invention as the internet. By enabling transparency, provenance and trustless transactions, Blockchain is rapidly transforming services and industries, including finance, retail, travel, health, insurance, property, compliance, and energy. However, it does not only impact the commercial part of our world; it enables us to decentralise the web and disintermediate many, if not all, services that are offered online. A decentralised global network was how the internet was originally envisioned, but somehow in the past 25 years, it has come to be controlled by a few very powerful companies. Blockchain is a paradigm shift, and it enables us to create a better, decentralised, world.

Blockchain offers a new opportunity for mankind to once and for all fix major problems, such as those identified by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. And this book offers a new perspective: it doesn’t only show you how Blockchain will help you to reduce your costs and increase your profit but will inform you how to optimise the processes that run our society. A world built upon peer-to-peer transactions and smart contracts will bring back power and independence to the consumer. Blockchain can help to distinguish between good and bad data so that the right decisions can be made. By enabling good decision-making, blockchain can help to reduce the effects of climate change; it can give the poor an opportunity to improve their lives, and to monetise their (digital) capital. It can directly reduce friction in financial transactions, lower the barrier to enter financial systems and to leave poverty behind. Blockchain can reduce voting fraud, fix our identity system and make fair trade fair again.

This book offers a blueprint for how Blockchain can create a better and fairer world for all. It provides practical solutions to global problems while identifying the legal barriers to social justice and current impediments to the implementation of Blockchain into incumbent systems. This book offers a new perspective and a roadmap to incorporate Blockchain in your business and offers a blueprint for a better world. Filled with easy-to-understand examples and cases, this book shows how Blockchain can take over where the internet has either failed to deliver or fallen short. It is a must-read for anyone who cares about the world.

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Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr Mark van Rijmenam

Dr Mark van Rijmenam is The Digital Speaker. He is a leading strategic futurist who thinks about how technology changes organisations, society and the metaverse. Dr Van Rijmenam is an international innovation keynote speaker, 5x author and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Datafloq and the author of the book on the metaverse: Step into the Metaverse: How the Immersive Internet Will Unlock a Trillion-Dollar Social Economy, detailing what the metaverse is and how organizations and consumers can benefit from the immersive internet. His latest book is Future Visions, which was written in five days in collaboration with AI. Recently, he founded the Futurwise Institute, which focuses on elevating the world’s digital awareness.