The f(x) = e^x | Voice marketing and an unhackable computer

The f(x) = e^x | Voice marketing and an unhackable computer
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Good Day! This is my weekly newsletter, with a dose of insights into the future. The topic of this newsletter is the exponential times we live in, hence the title of f(x) = e^x, which is the (natural) exponential function.

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Voice Marketing: How Will Voice Search Change Marketing

My latest article:

The development of voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Cortana has made it much easier to conduct searches. Soon these devices will also recognise your voices, making them more personalised and accessible than ever.

With voice search set to become more popular, brands need to understand how this will change their marketing efforts. Instead of having to compete for the top 10, there is only one position available, as the AI assistant determines what answer to share when a user asks a question.

Voice search is the future of search. It’s already changing how people search and will continue to do so. As a result, marketers need to think about how they can use voice as part of their strategy.

Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. A lesson in metaverse schooling from Japan.

In an innovative move, the Japanese city of Toda has implemented a metaverse schooling service. The town of Toda has introduced a program that allows students to study in the metaverse, but they must receive permission from their school principal before doing so. (Analytics Insights)

2. What happens when you build a near-death simulator?

Mel Slater, a clinical psychologist at the University of Barcelona, decided to use virtual reality to replicate crucial aspects of a near-death experience—and hoped he could find some evidence that it changes people's perspectives on life. (The Daily Beast)

3. Robot pet photographers are now a thing; Isn't the future great?

Boston Dynamics, a company known for its advanced human-like robots, has teamed up with Insta360 to develop a new breed of photographer. “Spot” is a four-legged robot that can navigate tricky surfaces and travel to places humans cannot or should not go to capture the best 360 views. (PetaPixel)

4. Are unhackable voting machines actually possible?

Every computer can be hacked, so is an accessible, unhackable voting machine a pipe dream? One scientist thinks not and is working on creating the world's first unhackable computer. (Undark)

The Step into the Metaverse Podcast!

A few months ago, I published my fourth book, Step into the Metaverse, which is meant as a blueprint for an open metaverse. As part of this book, I did nearly 100 in-depth interviews with the stakeholders building the open metaverse. I have turned a selection of these interviews into a new podcast, called ‘Step into the Metaverse’, and the next three episodes are live now! Subscribe on Spotify or Apple to be notified when the next episodes are released.


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